School Fundraiser Trash Bags

One school fundraiser that’s growing in popularity is selling trash bags, but I don’t think its as great as all the hype suggests. In fact, they aren’t a very good deal compared to what trash bags cost at WalMart or Target.

School Fundraiser Trash Bags

If you look at companies or suppliers for the trash bag fundraisers, they all list some absolutely stellar results. Claims like a high school raised $36,000 or an elementary school raised $34,000 by selling their trash bags.

Obviously those aren’t typical results and you need to consider something else: Are these school fundraiser trash bags a good deal for your supporters or are they just another overpriced fundraising product?

Most of the trash bag suppliers for school fundraisers are charging $6.50 per roll and suggest selling them for $13.00 per roll. Now, there are different quantities per roll based on the different sizes offered and each supplier offers their own variation on the bag count per roll. It usually breaks down something like this:

Fundraiser Trash Bag Sizes & Quantity

  • Tall Kitchen Bags – 40 to 60 count roll, 13-gallon size, $13 fundraiser price
  • Trash Bags – 20 to 25 count roll, 33-gallon size, $13 fundraiser price
  • Super Size Bags – 10 to 15 count roll, 55-gallon size, $13 fundraiser price

Before you start comparing prices, there is one more factor to consider. These fundraising trash bags are the “twist tie” variation, not the cinch type trash bag with the drawstring ribbon. Twist tie bags just have plastic ear flaps that you tie together yourself and are the cheapest type of trash bag offered by retail outlets.

The fundraiser trash bags also don’t have the “odor block” feature that’s so popular with the kitchen trash bags, nor do they have a dispensing box to keep them handy in the cupboard.

School Fundraiser Trash Bag Price Comparison

  • Tall Kitchen Bags – Hefty Cinch Bags with Odor Block , 45 count, 13-gallon size, $7.47 at WalMart
  • Trash Bags – Hefty Cinch Bags, 20 to 25 count, 30 to 33-gallon size, $7.47 at WalMart
  • Super Size Bags – Husky Drum-liner Bags, 30 count roll ( 2 to 3 times as many), $12 at Sears or Target, $8 wholesale

The “twist tie” variations of these smaller Hefty trash bags sell for considerably less, usually $4.97 for the same size or a much larger quantity for the $7.47 price.

So, the bottom line on these fundraising trash bags is that they really aren’t that good of a deal for your supporters. In fact, you could actually sell the name brand product for the same price as the fundraising version and make plenty of money. And, you’d be offering trash bags with all the extra features like odor block, cinch drawstrings, and extra-thick flex plastic.

The choice is yours, but people always remember if they feel like they were overcharged for a product. That’s why there was so much backlash when fundraising candy, gift wrap, and catalog items got way too expensive compared to regular retail prices.

Do your supporters a favor. If you’re going to sell fundraising trash bags for your school fundraiser, then make sure you’re giving them a good deal for their money. With a little research, you can easily buy trash bags from industrial wholesalers and offer your supporters good value for their money while still raising the funds you need.