School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

We have so many articles on Fundraiser Help that it’s sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. This page groups articles on school fundraising into relevant categories of tips, ideas for school fundraisers, and advice on organization.

School Fundraising Tips

12 Fundraising Tips – Twelve fundraising tips to raise more funds with your next school fundraiser – Includes sample sales script.

Fundraising Successfully – Fundraising tips on how to raise funds successfully with your group’s next fundraiser.

101 Fund Raising Tips – Boost results with organization, the right incentives, and preparation.

Merchant Plan – How to put together a successful merchant plan for long-term success.

Publicity Tips – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful events.

Maximize Your Results – Ten quick tips on improving your results – Easy profit boosters.

How To Put Fun In Your Fundraisers – 10 ways to put fun in your fundraisers – Keep it simple and keep it fun.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 1 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 2 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 3 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 4 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 5 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Fundraising FAQ – Article covering common fundraising questions asked by those new to school fundraisers and other nonprofit charitable activities.

Incentive Programs – Boost your school fundraisers results with the right incentives and rewards.

Fundraising Safety – How to put a safety focus in place in your fund raising program.

Make It Fun – Simple ways to make fund raising a fun activity for everyone.

School Fundraising Tips – How to improve the results of your next fundraiser – Ten tips you can use.

Ideas For Fundraisers

Creative Fundraising Ideas – Interesting and creative fundraising ideas for schools and youth groups – Turning donated items into themed gift baskets for sale or raffle.

School Fundraising Event – How to host a profitable school fundraising event – Add inflatable rentals, fun games and great food to your events.

Car Wash Fundraiser – Quick and easy car wash fund raising tips plus profit boosters.

Free Fundraisers – Three time-tested fundraising ideas for raising fast cash for groups of any size.

Youth Group Fundraising – Two low-cost youth group fundraisers that are fun, quick, and easy to do.

Holiday Fundraising – How-to advice on putting together a holiday fundraiser selling Christmas trees and wreathes.

Holiday Fundraising – Part 2 – Practical advice on doing holiday fundraising with wrapping paper and catalog product sales.

Holiday Fundraising – Part 3 – How to put together a holiday-themed fundraiser event or carnival – Tips on maximizing revenue and profit.

Krispy Kreme Fundraising – Doughnuts, gift certificates and partnership cards.

Candy Fundraising – Sales tips for doubling or tripling your candy programs revenue and profits.

Candle Fundraisers – Programs offering candles can help your group or team raise funds easily.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Cookie dough program overview plus companies and suppliers.

Pizza Fundraiser – Easy moneymaker in three different formats makes a good school fundraiser.

Earth Friendly Fundraisers – Organic chocolate, printer cartridge recycling, and community trash cleanup.

Ideas for Fundraising – Activities, events, programs, projects, and more.

School Fundraiser Ideas – Top five school fundraiser ideas – Simple school fundraisers for any size group.

Food Fundraisers – How to quickly boost your profits when fundraising with food items.

Successful Fundraisers – Boost results with organization, quality incentives, and sales preparation.

Elementary School Fundraising – Ideas for elementary school fundraising – Different fundraisers to consider when putting together your school fundraiser plan.

Jamba Juice Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for schools focused on Jamba Juice – How to put together your own Jamba Juice fundraiser.

For Your School Fundraising – A fun way to do a little extra fundraising for your school – Here’s another idea to consider as a Friday or monthly fundraiser.

Photography Fundraiser – Fundraising with portraits – How to put together a photography fundraiser for your school or church.

Dance Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for using a dance fundraiser concept – Great fundraising event for middle schools and high schools.

Karaoke Fundraiser – How to ride the American Idol craze with a karaoke fundraiser – No talent required and not a lot of effort needed to organize this fundraising event.

Halloween Pumpkin Fundraiser – Fundraising with a Halloween Pumpkin Patch – How to tips for a simple Halloween fundraiser idea.

Candle Fund Raiser – Ideas for a highly profitable candle fund raiser – Candle fundraisers are a great way to raise funds.

Rubber Duck Fundraiser – How to organize a rubber duck race as your fundraising event – Profit boosters for your rubber duck fundraiser that can double or triple your results.


High School Fundraising – Organizational tips for high school fundraising – What to consider when putting together your school fundraiser plan.

High School Fundraisers – Suggestions for high school fundraisers – Ideas for high school fundraising.

School Fundraising Ideas – Three great high school fundraising ideas based on simple fundraiser products.

Cheerleading Fundraisers – Three cheerleading activities and programs that are fun and profitable.

Cheer Fundraiser Ideas – Seven cheer fundraiser ideas for raising funds quickly – Do’s and dont’s for all types of cheerleading fundraisers.

Band Fundraisers –  Three quick and easy band fundraiser ideas that produce big results.

Soccer Fundraising – Soccer team fund raising made easy for your high school or youth sports team.

Easy Fundraisers – Three easy fund raisers for for any size group for maximum weekend profits.

Scrip Fundraising – Using sales of discount gift certificates to raise funds for your school.

Fundraising Discount Cards – Sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, pizza, or fast food.

Youth Group Fund Raiser – How to increase demand and get a stronger sales response in your fundraiser.

Valentines Day – Four fast ways to raise funds with a Valentine’s Day fundraiser – Quick tips on auctions, raffles and gift baskets geared toward both men and women.

Cash Calendar Fundraiser – Combining a cash raffle with a calendar fundraiser – Understanding the appeal of a cash calendar fundraiser.

Fundraiser Raffle Ideas – Tips on putting together fundraising raffles – Fundraiser raffle ideas for any size group – Prize selection and ticket price tips.


Organize School Fundraiser – Quick tips on organizing your school efforts by planning ahead.

Organizing a School Fundraiser – Part 2 – Here are some other things to consider.

Fundraiser Preparation – Everything you need to know about getting ready to raise funds.

Advance Planning – More from the series on Preparation about the importance of planning ahead.

Advance Planning: Part 2 – Additional specifics about what needs to be done ahead of time.

Business Focus – Continuation of the Preparation series about focusing on the business aspects.

Written Documentation – More from the Preparation series about why you need written documentation.

Recruiting Volunteers – Preparation tips about the best ways to recruit volunteers.

Communication – Final piece of the Preparation series about the best ways to communicate your need.

Successful Fundraising – Tips and tricks for pulling off a new one or improving on last year’s results.

Getting Media Coverage – How to get media coverage for your non-profit group, charity auction, or fundraising event.

Fundraising Fundamentals – How to increase community awareness of both your need and your offering.

What’s In It For Me – To succeed, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”