School Fundraising Event

There’s no argument about the fact that schools need fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. If your school is like most, it’s active in some form of fundraising campaign throughout the entire year. If you don’t already do a school fundraising event, read this add one to your yearly plan.

One way to raise big money for the books and supplies your school so desperately needs is to hold a holiday or seasonal fair that will attract people from all around your city or town. When you’re planning, think big.

Hosting a School Fundraising Event

The bigger the event, the more press coverage you can attract and the more people will attend.

Fundraising Activities

One way to give your fund raising event a big feel quickly, is by bringing in inflatable rentals. With inflatable rentals like an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable sumo wrestling, and other inflatable games, you can literally inflate an entire fair ground in one day.

In order to attract attention, be sure to have some large-size inflatable rentals on the grounds such as the 22 foot tall inflatable obstacle course slide. Inflatable rentals like this are not only fun, but they attract attention from the road to evoke interest from the community.

Whether it’s human bowling, an inflatable rock climbing wall, or inflatable gladiator jousting, you’ll want to set a ticket admission price for each inflatable rentals activity.

Inflatable rentals have a fixed cost to rent, so when choosing which inflatable rentals to have at your fundraising event, be sure to consider the number of people who can enjoy the activity per hour. Some inflatable rentals like the inflatable obstacle course can handle 180-240 people per hour.

Other inflatable rentals like gladiator jousting can handle approximately 50-65 people per hour. Just because an inflatable rental can process less people per hour doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose it.

On the contrary, participants can enjoy the activity longer so will pay a higher premium to enjoy. Consider the number of people per hour when setting admission prices for each of the inflatable rentals.

Fun Games

Fair games are great fun for people of all ages and a big revenue generator as well. You can rent carnival games, but there are also plenty of carnival games that you can make yourself for a low cost and enjoy year after year.

When you have games, you’ll also need prizes. Because there will be lots of kids present, make sure to have little prizes on hand like stickers or candies that you hand out to everyone who plays the games.

With a small plastic pool, 20-30 rubber ducks, some magnets, and a pole, you can build a great carnival game where participants can fish for prizes. Simply mark the bottom of each duck with a number that corresponds with a prize on a posted prize list.

Next, use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to the back of each duck. Tie another magnet to the end of a string, and attach it to a pole that participants can use a fishing pole to ‘fish’ for the ducks.

Games like beanbag tosses where participants knock over cans or Frisbee throws where participants try to pass a Frisbee through a hanging hula hoop are all fun and inexpensive carnival games to create.

Challenge the kids at the school to come up with unique and creative ideas and then hold a vote to determine which ones you’ll host at the fair.

Great Food

Food stands can be one of the most profitable attractions at your fundraising event-it can also be the most work. There are a few different options when it comes to food.

You can either make and serve food yourself, or invite local vendors to set up and serve their food at the event for an entry fee and/or a portion of the proceeds.

If you’ll be having local vendors, be sure to secure them early so that you can include them on any advertising and promotional materials. The opportunity to gain exposure is often a big incentive for vendors to serve at the event.

Plan early and get the word out around town through press releases, radio advertising, flyers, door hangers, and any other local outlet in your community. With inflatable rentals, carnival games, and lots of new things to eat and drink, it’s easy to raise a great deal of much-needed money for your school!

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