Fundraising Ideas For Schools - School Fundraisers

Fundraising ideas for schools with fundraisers for elementary school, middle school, and high school with lots of fun events & ideas.

Discover popular fundraiser ideas for every age group from school carnivals to zombie proms, read-a-thons to car smashes, and talent shows to grocery shopping spree raffles.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

  • School carnival
  • Read-a-thon
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Pumpkin patch

Middle School Fundraisers

  • Zumbathon
  • Karaoke Night
  • Pokemon Go Fundraiser

Fundraising Ideas For High School

  • Zombie prom
  • Game show fundraiser
  • Mega yard sale
  • Grocery shopping spree raffle

School Fundraisers

These are some great fundraising ideas for school fundraisers that consistently produce excellent results. Includes articles on cheerleader fundraisers, event ideas, high school football fundraiser ideas, soccer and band fund-raisers, car washes, plus more great ideas for other school-related groups.These articles are excerpts from my book, Fundraising Success. Be sure to check out the school […]

Top 5 School Fundraiser Ideas

Schools often look for ways to make money with various school fundraiser ideas. Sometimes, new playground equipment is needed, or perhaps band equipment and uniforms, it might be that the football team is in need of uniforms, or that the debate team needs money to travel to a meet.Fundraising is quite common and an excellent […]

School Fundraising Ideas

Looking for good school fundraising ideas?You’re not the only one. The good news is that there are other highly profitable school fundraising ideas besides conducting a catalog-based fundraiser.Catalog sales often end up overwhelming your supporters with multiple fund raising products that aren’t everyday items for most people and don’t provide good value for the money […]

School Fundraising Event

There’s no argument about the fact that schools need fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. If your school is like most, it’s active in some form of fundraising campaign throughout the entire year. If you don’t already do a school fundraising event, read this add one to your yearly plan.One way to raise big […]

School Carnival Ideas

If your school is looking for a new and exciting way to raise funds, try hosting a school carnival with inflatable rentals. With inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable sumo wrestling, inflatable bungee basketball and many other fun inflatable games, setting up and taking down a school carnival doesn’t need to be a big production.Boost Your School’s […]

Fundraising Cards

Easy fundraising cards are a great way to raise funds for any group, school club, or youth sports team. With discount card fundraisers, you buy the cards in advance and sell them at retail prices, so there is a substantial upfront expenditure.Fundraising Discount CardsHowever, the large profit margins and incredible popularity of the discount cards […]

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Putting together a pancake breakfast fundraiser is a tried and true method for raising funds for any worthy cause. The two most important things to do are to draw the largest possible crowd and include extra ways to raise as much money as you can from each attendee.Extra Profit Tips for a Pancake BreakfastFor your […]

School Fundraising Mistakes

Fundraising is both an art and a science. If your fund raising revenues are static or declining, your organization is probably making one or more of these common fundraising mistakes:Lack of planningRepeating the same old fundraiserNot recruiting enough helpLow quality merchandiseInadequate sales preparationPoor support materialsNo sales scriptsWeak internal communicationLack of publicityContinuous fundraisingBad timingNo rewardsPoor rewardsLetting […]

Middle School Fundraisers

Fundraising ideas that apply to middle school fundraisers. In some states, middle schools (grades 6-8) are also referred to as junior high school (grades 7-9). For easier searching, I’ve grouped the middle school/junior high school fundraiser articles into these categories: product sales, event ideas, and extra profit/how-to tips.One of the things to consider when selecting […]

Support School Fundraisers

Support School Fundraisers – Even Though There May Seem To Be Too Many Of ThemSchool fundraisers are necessary even though many people and parents complain that the local school is always fund raising. The money raised through school fundraisers goes into such things as field trips and equipment that the school cannot afford to purchase […]

Fundraising Activities

Here is a list of fundraising activities for small groups, non-profit organizations or individuals. These activities can easily be done with just a few volunteers to help coordinate your fundraising event.Fundraising Activities & Event IdeasActivities – Ideas and tips for various fundraising activities – The real thing about fundraising.Art Raffle – Putting together an art […]

Band Fundraising Ideas

Band fundraisers are the epitome of high school fundraising. Talk about your hard workers! Band groups are awesome when it comes to putting forth the effort it takes for fundraising success. The key is making sure they have the right fundraiser that will leverage all that energy.In this article, we’ll consider three band fundraisers that:Take […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 4

Summary: More fundraising tips – Part 4 covers the organizational aspects of your fundraiser. Communication is extremely important for successful fundraisers.In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider for your fundraiser:Who will do all the work? (Part 1)What are you planning to sell? (Part 2)When will your fundraiser take […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 3

Summary: More fundraising tips – Part 3 covers the where and why of your fundraiser. Choose fundraisers that fit the other activities your group is involved with and make sure everyone knows “why” you are doing this particular fundraiser.In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider for your fundraiser:Who […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 2

Summary: Fundraiser action steps in a who, what, when, where, why and how format. Part 2 covers selecting the right fundraising products to sell and selecting the right time for your fundraisers. These are quick tips on getting everything up and running.In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 1

Summary: Fundraising tips on how to get started with your fundraiser.  Part 1 covers who will do all the work. Recruiting volunteers is essential to your fundraising success, so read these tips on building your organization.Fundraising is both an art and a science. The first step is always the hardest. Before we begin, let’s back […]

High School Fundraising

High school – a constant hub of activities, studies, and events – and the last years of our school days shared with friends. High schools always hold a variety of fundraising events to raise funds for the many extra curricular activities that makes school fun. So there are a wealth of ideas to use for […]

High School Fundraisers

High school fundraisers have to be products or services that high school students can be passionate about selling or buying themselves. The following articles are geared toward high school fundraising activities that have proven successful at many schools.High School Fundraising IdeasSchool Fundraising Ideas – Three great high school fundraising ideas based on simple fundraiser products.High […]

School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

We have so many articles on Fundraiser Help that it’s sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. This page groups articles on school fundraising into relevant categories of tips, ideas for school fundraisers, and advice on organization. School Fundraising Tips12 Fundraising Tips – Twelve fundraising tips to raise more funds with your next […]

School Fundraising Tips

Want your next school fundraiser to run more smoothly? Here are ten school fundraising tips to help you create a successful marketing plan.School Fundraiser Tips For Your Next FundraiserPut your project plan in writing – Run your fundraiser like a business. A written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities is your blueprint […]