Fundraising Ideas For Schools - School Fundraisers

Fundraising ideas for schools with fundraisers for elementary school, middle school, and high school with lots of fun events & ideas.

Discover popular fundraiser ideas for every age group from school carnivals to zombie proms, read-a-thons to car smashes, and talent shows to grocery shopping spree raffles.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

  • School carnival
  • Read-a-thon
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Pumpkin patch

Middle School Fundraisers

  • Zumbathon
  • Karaoke Night
  • Pokemon Go Fundraiser

Fundraising Ideas For High School

  • Zombie prom
  • Game show fundraiser
  • Mega yard sale
  • Grocery shopping spree raffle

Restaurant Night Fundraisers

A Restaurant Night fundraiser is an easy way to raise funds because its a simple revenue share idea that’s a win/win for your group, your supporters and for the restaurant. By helping to increase their business, your group gets a referral commission without having to spend a lot of time and money organizing and promoting […]

3 Easy School Fundraisers

Doing popular easy school fundraisers is one of the best ways to raise money for your school. By choosing a popular product to sell for a school fundraiser, you will raise more than picking something that’s new and different. I know that selling products isn’t always the most attractive idea for the PTA/PTO fundraiser, but best […]

12 Green School Fundraising Ideas

Here are some easy school fundraising ideas that are eco-friendly and will raise a lot of money fast. Most of these green fundraisers don’t require much in the way of upfront funds to get started and the kids will love them.They are grouped into activities, event ideas, and products to sell. Each idea is linked […]

Tyson Chicken Fundraiser

Another easy fundraiser idea for schools is collecting Tyson chicken product labels. Their labels for cash program is similar to Boxtops For Education and each Tyson chicken label submitted is worth $0.24 each. The program is called Tyson Project A+ and each participating school can earn up to $12,000 per school year.The Tyson chicken fundraiser […]

500 Silent Auction Basket Ideas

If you are looking for some silent auction basket ideas, here are 500 ideas for basket themes and fun names for your auction baskets. Browse hundreds of auction basket ideas for men, teens, kids, teachers, fun nights and more.These silent auction themes and categories should help provide the creative spark needed to come up with […]

School Fundraiser Ideas: Zumbathon

Fun school fundraiser ideas can raise a lot of money, so why not a do a Zumbathon. A Zumbathon, or zumba fitness party, combines Latin or international music with a fun fitness workout.A Zumbathon fundraiser delivers a crazy, high energy party atmosphere that guarantees a good time will be had by all. Here are a […]

School Fundraiser Playground Equipment Ruled Unsafe

After PTA school fundraisers paid to install a new $35,000 set of playground equipment, the county ruled it unsafe and told the PTA at Stratford Landing Elementary School, in Fairfax County, Virginia that the equipment needed to be removed. Crime scene tape is draped across the playground equipment and the children are forbidden to play […]

School Box Tops Fundraiser

Many schools use Box Tops for Education (BTFE) as a way to raise more money. If your school does not yet have a Box Tops program, here are some great tips on how to get started and promote it.If you already have a BTFE fundraiser in place, there are some great ways to get the […]

Fundraising Kits

If you are looking for free fundraising kits for school fundraisers or youth sports candy sales, here is the link to get your sample fundraising kit sent right away.Click the image below to receive your free kit:Getting Started With Your Fundraising KitsHow do I get a kit? Your first step is to order your free […]

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

In this article about fundraising ideas for schools, we’ll cover ideas for elementary schools. Here are ten event ideas that will help you raise the needed funds.School Carnival – The most popular and profitable school fundraiser event is a carnival. It can be a Spring Fling or a Fall Festival, but its guaranteed to bring […]

Spelling Bee Fundraiser

A fun way to raise funds is to put together a spelling bee fundraiser and host it in front of a large crowd. You’ll need to get plenty of publicity to maximize your turnout and provide plenty of ways for people to get involved.A spelling bee fundraiser is just what it sounds like – a […]

Dance Fundraiser

The Dance-a-Thon is not an original idea, but using a dance fundraiser as one of your primary fundraisers might be. Kids love it, especially at the middle school and high school level. Whether your group holds many fundraisers throughout the year, or relies on one large fundraiser, this might be a good solution.Fundraising Dance-A-ThonA Dance-a-Thon […]

Fraternity & Sorority Fundraisers

Looking for some ideas for fraternity or sorority fundraisers? Here is a lengthy list are all the articles we have about sorority fundraisers, fraternity fundraisers , and college fundraising ideas. They are grouped into the categories of products, events, and fundraising profit tips.Fraternity Sorority Fundraisers – Product IdeasPromo Fundraising – If you are looking for […]

Fundraising Activities

Fundraising is both challenging as it is rewarding. Raising the needed funds for a worthy cause is indeed spiritually and emotionally satisfying. Every school organization may want to extend a helping hand to those folks who are in dire need through various fundraising activities.The prospect beneficiary could either be a charitable institution, an orphanage, a […]

Fun School Fundraisers

Fun Fundraisers For Schools – Quick “how to” tips on making fundraising fun for both participants and organizers. Use these tips to increase participation in your fundraiser and boost your fundraising profits.10 Ways To Put Fun In Your Fundraisers#1 – Make it fun every step of the way Fun is part of fundraising. Don’t make it […]

For Your School Fundraising

Looking for an easy idea for your school fundraising? Look no further, this one is effortless and lasts for the entire school year. It works great for schools that have school uniforms, but can also work for any school. If your school has uniforms, each student can pay whatever amount you specify ($2 or so […]

Elementary School Fundraising

Perhaps nothing matches the enthusiasm and zeal of elementary school children. This carries over to elementary school fundraising events where young students strive to complete every assigned fundraising chore with determination and dedication. Teachers and parents participate and guide the children to ensure their hard work is successful and raises a lot of money.Candy is […]

Elementary School Fundraisers

Here are dozens of articles describing various elementary school fundraisers and tips on how to get extra profits out of each one. They are grouped by categories of fundraising product ideas, event ideas, fundraiser tips, and school grants. Elementary School Fundraisers – Product IdeasSeasonal Fundraisers – Ten ideas for high-demand seasonal products to sell for […]

College Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some simple college fundraising ideas? Here are ten activity ideas for your fraternity, sorority, or other groups to raise funds on campus.Ideas For College FundraisersDance marathon University of North Carolina students conduct an annual dance marathon fundraiser for the UNC Children’s Hospital For The Kids Fund which covers costs not covered by insurance. […]

School Fundraisers – How To Raise Twice The Money

School Fundraisers – How To Raise Twice The MoneyIf your members, parents or donors wear clothes, watch t.v. or read books you have the beginning ingredients to a sweet recipe for a great year-round school fundraiser. How so?By taking advantage of what’s known as an affiliate program or in more common lingo – partnering. How […]