School Fundraiser Ideas: Zumbathon

Fun school fundraiser ideas can raise a lot of money, so why not a do a Zumbathon. A Zumbathon, or zumba fitness party, combines Latin or international music with a fun fitness workout.

School fundraiser ideas: Zumbathon

A Zumbathon fundraiser delivers a crazy, high energy party atmosphere that guarantees a good time will be had by all. Here are a list of ways to make your school fundraising event fun and maximize the money raised.

School Fundraising Events – Extra Profit Tips

  1. Ticket Sales – Discounts for advance tickets gets buyers committed to attending and builds excitement.
  2. Raffles – Raffle door prizes, do a reverse raffle with last drawing being the winner, do big raffles for big events.
  3. Silent Auctions – One of the best ways to raise money for schools. Use our sample donation request letter for silent auction items.
  4. Event Sponsors – Write sponsorship proposals complete with prices and pitch local businesses on affinity and synergy.
  5. Food & Drink Sales – Always a big moneymaker. You can add a bake sale, cupcake sale, cake walk and other fun food stuff to do.
  6. T-shirt Sales – Event t-shirts sell well as do theme-related or school spirit merchandise
  7. Fundraising Challenge – Set a school challenge goal for the event with a wacky reward for beating your fundraising goal.
  8. Fundraising Discount Cards – Two-for-one pizza cards are big sellers that deliver big profits.

School Fundraiser Events – 10 Tips For Extra Fun

  1. Team Competitions – Events are always more fun when people can team up and compete for prizes.
  2. Costume Contests – Dressing up always makes it fun and everybody can show their unique style.
  3. Recognition Awards – People love to be recognized. Best dancer, best dance team, best costume, etc.
  4. Face Painting – Add some color with creative face painting.
  5. Temporary Tattoos – Get all tatted up for the big event and mom even won’t get mad.
  6. Crazy Hat Contest – Everybody loves crazy hats, so why not have fun with it?
  7. Teachers Competitions – Kids love it when the teachers compete. Show how its done and bust some moves.
  8. Goofy Photo Ops – Create areas for great picture fun that kids can put up on Instagram and Facebook.
  9. Extra Messy Stuff – Bring on the goo, confetti, Silly String, and all the other messy stuff.
  10. Fundraising Challenge – If you beat your fundraising goal, the principal must do something wacky.

The best school fundraiser ideas are always the fun events that draw a big crowd of enthusiastic students and supporters. A Zumbathon, zumba fundraiser, or any other type of dance party is always a great way to raise funds for your school because a good time is guaranteed for all.