School Box Tops Fundraiser

Many schools use Box Tops for Education (BTFE) as a way to raise more money. If your school does not yet have a Box Tops program, here are some great tips on how to get started and promote it.

If you already have a BTFE fundraiser in place, there are some great ways to get the momentum going and keep it going!

Give Your Schools Fundraising Efforts a Boost

Getting a Box Tops for Education program in place is easy. The daunting part if finding someone willing to be the Box Tops program coordinator. It works best if the coordinator is someone on the school’s staff. That way, as PTA-PTO members move on, there is always someone at the school who knows about the program.

That’s not to say that the coordinator has to do all the work. Depending on the size of your school, breaking up the coordinator’s duties among multiple volunteers keeps anyone from being overloaded. Assign one volunteer per classroom or per grade level to assist the BTFE coordinator.

It’s also a good ideas to have someone (or multiple volunteers) to be responsible for promoting your school’s Box Tops program. There are plenty of resources to help you get the word out (and keep getting the word out) about ways your school’s families can get involved and help. Check here for BTFE Promotional Tips.

BTFE Not Just Label Clipping Anymore

Many people are already aware of the Box Tops for Education program and many already clip, save, and donate. But BTFE goes much further than that. You can also earn online and earn even more including Bonus Box Tops. Imagine if all of your school’s families clipped and clicked – the results would multiply! Imagine if friends, neighbors, and family members clipped and clicked on behalf of your school!

So putting a School Box Tops fundraiser in place can really add to your bottom line. Consistently promoting the program is how to make it successful.