Save The Rainforest – Follow The Frog

This very funny video about how to Save The Rainforest shows you everything you won’t actually do to save the rainforest. Why? Because that way would just be an epic FAIL. Instead, the nonprofit Rainforest Alliance makes it simple for you to save the rainforest if you just Follow The Frog.

Save the rainforest – Follow the frog

The key takeaway for nonprofit groups is that you can  get your message across to many more people and greatly expand your reach by using a little humor. Provide some entertainment along with a few laughs and it will definitely make a positive change in your fundraising.

This is what you are not going to do to save the rainforest

Its not always all about the cause. Its sometimes just about poking fun at ourselves to prod us all towards being better people. Think about that fun side in everyone the next time you are trying to raise funds.

Save The Rainforest – Follow The Frog Video

When you view this video on YouTube, the Rainforest Alliance has a Donate box right beneath the video that asks for a donation. That has put their “ask” in front of over 1 million people so far. Not bad for a funny video, right?

So, if you are interested in switching up your nonprofit fundraising a little bit, then check out the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

You’ll need to setup a YouTube channel specifically for your nonprofit. Then, you’ll need to apply to Google for Nonprofits.

Then you need to enroll in the YouTube Nonprofit Program by following the instructions in your Google for Nonprofits acceptance email.

YouTube Nonprofit Program – Benefits of Joining

  1. Donate button – Viewers can use your channel’s Donate button to contribute to your cause online right from your YouTube videos. Available only in the US and UK at this time.
  2. Live streaming – Stream video footage live onto your YouTube channel; great for events, conferences, and reporting.
  3. Call-to-action overlays – Place a Call to Action on your videos, which viewers can click to visit your website, donate, or learn more.
  4. Video annotations – Use annotations on your videos to encourage users to subscribe to your channel or click to visit your website.
  5. Community forum – Connect with fellow nonprofits and get advice from pros on the free YouTube Nonprofits Forum.