Rummage Sale Fundraiser Ideas

This lengthy list of rummage sale fundraiser ideas will help you raise more funds with fewer headaches along the way. Whether you are doing a rummage sale school fundraiser or are just looking for some tips and ideas, this rummage sale plan should make things a lot easier.

A rummage sale is a great way to raise funds because everyone has some odds and ends in their attic, garage, crawl space, closet, etc. that they would like to get rid of. The difficulty of being on the receiving end is organizing everything and getting top dollar for what you have. That’s where the rummage sale plan comes in!

Rummage Sale Fundraiser Plan

  • Arrange for location
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Maximize donations
  • Publicize your sale
  • Pricing items
  • Grouping items
  • Cherry picking
  • Sales strategies
  • Donate leftovers


  1. High-traffic spot
  2. Good parking is a must have
  3. Lots of display area
  4. Need drop-off staging area the day before


  1. Ask early and often
  2. Ask each volunteer to recruit one more person for a two-person team
  3. Need people the day before and the day of the rummage sale
  4. Work up a schedule and get firm commitments on time to work
  5. Schedule workers in two-hour shifts
  6. Over schedule the early part of the sale because that’s the busiest time


  1. If its a school rummage sale, send out a letter asking for donated items
  2. Offer a pickup service for larger items like furniture or large loads of stuff
  3. Ask for cash donations as well
  4. Have an all day drop-off session the day before the rummage sale
  5. Group donated items by value so you can prominently display the good stuff


  1. Group communication – Announce date well ahead of sale
  2. Use flyers and posters to get the word out ahead of time
  3. Create large banner signs for roadside traffic appeal
  4. Promote on social media, Craigslist, local paper, etc.

Grouping Items

  1. Group items by category
  2. Group items by price points
  3. Use large signs announcing price ranges
  4. Use color coding for simple pricing
  5. Group clothing by sizes
  6. Use clothing racks and hangers for nice clothing

Cherry Picking Items

  1. Go through everything and look for the good stuff
  2. Research estimated value for artwork, electronics, glass, china, etc.
  3. You can highlight those items in one central area.
  4. You can also pick out some nice shippable items to sell on eBay instead.
  5. Put high-end items all in one area where you can keep an eye on it.

Sales Strategies

  1. Setup central display area to let people circulate and examine items.
  2. As your rummage sale fundraiser goes on, start offering sales incentives.
  3. Later in the day, start offering two-for-one clothing deals, etc.
  4. Use volunteers in each area to make sales on the spot or fill out a payment slip.
  5. Keep all your sales cash in a lockbox with one person in charge of it.

Donate Leftovers

  1. Box up leftover items to be donated.
  2. Look into bulk sales of unsold clothing by the pound.
  3. Unsold electronics items can usually be sold to recycling companies.

Hope these rummage sale fundraiser ideas help you get better organized so you can raise more money. Its also a good idea to make your group’s rummage sale an annual affair because its always a lot easier the second time around. Good luck and great fundraising!