Reverse Raffle Ideas

If you want to do a fundraising raffle, then these reverse raffle ideas will definitely help raise more funds for your group. A reverse raffle awards the grand prize to the last ticket drawn instead of the first, so it holds everyone’s attention longer at your event.

One of the best reverse raffle ideas is to go with higher priced tickets, and correspondingly, a large cash prize. This works well for your group because then you don’t have to spend time or money lining up a different raffle prize.

You want to cap the number of tickets being sold at a reasonable number, usually use something in the low hundreds. Why? Because people will see that they have a better chance at winning than with lower-priced tickets sold by the thousands. And its easier to sell a few hundred raffle tickets that a few thousand.

You should also offer multiple prizes in your reverse raffle because people see they have a better chance at winning something and are thus  more likely to buy a ticket.  A good prize structure is 10 winners for the last 10 tickets drawn:

  • Tickets 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 win 2 x ticket cost
  • Ticket 5 wins 4 x ticket cost
  • Ticket 4 wins 6 x ticket cost
  • Ticket 3 wins 8 x ticket cost
  • Ticket 2 wins 10 x ticket cost
  • Ticket 1 wins 50 x ticket cost

So, in this reverse raffle example where 200 tickets were sold at $100 each, 88 x $100 or $8,800 went out as prize money. Net fundraiser proceeds are 112 x $100 or $11,200.

Another good idea that keeps everyone involved is to offer periodic chances at reentry tickets to the raffle. For example, let’s say again that you have a $100 ticket price and want a low cost way offering a chance at another $100 ticket.

You get ten takers who pay $10 each, then do a mini-drawing to see which one of the 10 re-entries wins another $100 raffle ticket. This is also a good way to sell any leftover tickets.

Another good idea for a reversal raffle fundraiser is to use computer software and big display screens so that everyone can keep track of the randomly generated ticket number drawings.

You can also do lower-priced raffles at the same event for chances at various donated goods and services such as gift baskets or spa treatments. Intersperse drawings for those tangible goods throughout the event because it means you have winners being announce on a regular basis instead of just losers in the big-ticket revers raffle.

The only limit on the ideas you