Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

Another easy fundraising idea is doing a restaurant gift card fundraiser because it’s both high profit and an easy sale. The premise is fairly straightforward – your group purchases the restaurant discount card for $10 and sells it for $20.  Your customer loves it because they get $100 worth of restaurant gift certificates from the restaurants they select themselves.

Restaurant gift card fundraiser

The restaurant gift card fundraising program is a nationwide offering with thousands of participating restaurants. Each $100 restaurant gift card contains a unique code that the customer redeems online for a discounted gift certificate. The unused balance can be used at anytime to purchase another gift certificate to a different restaurant.

The online redemption for gift certificates is all handled by and each restaurant sets their own gift certificate prices.  A lot of the gift certificates were good for $25 and cost only $10 against the discount card balance.

Plus, the restaurant discount card never expires, so your customer can use it whenever they want for whichever restaurant they choose. Talk about a win/win fundraiser!

There is a limit of one gift certificate per restaurant visit.

This fundraising program is so easy to sell and it’s also risk-free for your group. Restaurant cards have no expiration dates for you or your customers to worry about. Any unredeemed cards can be refunded within 90 days of purchase if not scratched or damaged.

This fundraiser is ideal for small groups that want to raise a significant amount in a short period of time. It works well for youth sports teams, church groups and college fraternities and sororities.

You can promote this online through Facebook and other social media. Average sales for most groups are 7 cards sold per participant or net results of $70 per person.

You can get more details or sign up for a restaurant gift card fundraiser by clicking  here or simply call this toll-free number: 1-866-884-8804.