Relay For Life Fundraiser Ideas

If you are looking for Relay For Life fundraiser ideas, here are a couple dozen fundraising event ideas you can use to help raise funds “For The Cure.” As with any fundraiser, include extra moneymakers in your Relay For Life events such as silent auctions, raffles, selling food and drinks, and merchandise sales.

The key to successful fundraising events is getting a big turnout. Read the article on getting publicity for tips on how to do it right, but a good press release and following up with media contacts is critical.

Relay For Life Fundraiser Ideas For The Cure

Bowl For The Cure: Put together a bowling tournament at a local alley and group teams by skill range. Some groups do theirs in fun costumes and ward prizes for that as well.

Carols For The Cure: Going Christmas caroling to raise funds is very rewarding. Pre-sell your appearances for individual “carol grams” during the holiday season. Organize a big Christmas event featuring the best local choirs.

Cars For The Cure: Car shows always attract a big crowd. Work with local dealers for new cars and line up local car collectors to exhibit classic cars.

Cast For The Cure: Fishing tournaments can be done on lakes, off piers, or deep sea fishing. Charge competition fees, sell t-shirts, get corporate sponsors, offer prizes, have a vendor fair, and most of all have a good time.

Cheer For The Cure: Great way to get girls involved in breast cancer fundraising. A cheer competition can raise a lot of money just in event fees and they are surprising low cost events. To organize yours, work with local gyms and invite school cheer squads, even if it’s their off-season.

Cook For The Cure: You can do just about anything in this category. Do a bake sale, covered dish supper, catered dinner, pig picking, barbecue, picnic, chef competition, have a bake off, put out a cookbook, sponsor an exotic foods fair, organize a chili cook-off, or even have a Pampered Chef party.

Cruise For The Cure: Contact cruise lines for group discounts and arrange family vacation cruise packages with profits going to breast cancer research.

Cuts For The Cure: Work with local hair salon and offer “free” haircuts in exchange for donations. Works especially well with radio station personalities involved.

Dance For The Cure: Put together a dance event. Could be anything from a school dance to a fundraising gala black tie event. Themes such as Disco, Sixties, Sock Hop, Eighties, etc. are good draws.

Golf For The Cure: A golf tournament can raise huge amounts if done properly. You can also offer a mini-golf tournament as well.

Kick For The Cure: A soccer tournament is another great way to raise funds. Be sure to provide plenty of family fun activities or even a carnival as an extra draw.

Kids For The Cure: Kids can do lemonade stands, talent shows, lip sync contests, beauty pageants, karaoke competitions, and other fun activities.

Music For The Cure: Concerts make great relay For Life fundraisers. They can be classical symphony performances, rock Battle Of The Bands, school band performances, country or bluegrass events.

Quilt For The Cure: Quilting groups produce memory quilts for sale and charge a little extra for personalizing them.

Race For The Cure: Fun foot races such as family 5k or 10k events are another good fundraiser idea. Some groups even do a Bed Race and push hospital beds down the street’ like bobsleds.

Racquet For The Cure: Organize a tennis tournament at a local club or school.

Ride For The Cure: Long distance bicycle rides, sometimes over an entire weekend do a great job raising funds.

Rock For The Cure: Rocking chair competition with contestants rocking in a public place. Each gets pledges for so much per hour of rocking.

Shop For The Cure: Assemble displays from top local stores in one place and offer some great bargains for fundraising purposes.

Sing For The Cure: Singing competitions can be great fun for all involved. Ride the American Idol craze with your own individual competition or include extra categories like barbershop quartets.

Sip For The Cure: Wine tastings and whiskey tastings can raise substantial amounts with very little work.

Skate For The Cure: Put together a fun outing at a roller rink or ice skating rink. Pump up the excitement with great music!

Swim For The Cure: Swimmers get sponsors to pledge a certain amount per lap swum at a YMCA pool of other large facility.

Tour For The Cure: A charity bike ride is always popular in warm weather. Have riders get sponsorships as a basic requirement for participation.

Yard Sale For The Cure: Organize a huge rummage sale by gathering donated furniture and clothing or just do your own garage sale and donate the proceeds.

Relay for Life is a cause that is near to many hearts, including ours, so good luck with raising money with your Relay for Life fundraiser ideas!