Recycle Fundraiser

Recycle Fundraiser – Here are 7 things you should know when doing a recycling fundraiser. It doesn’t matter if your group is a school, church, nonprofit or youth sports team. These 7 tips will help you achieve your goals and greatly simplify the process.

When I’m talking about a recycle fundraiser in this article, I’m referring to collecting and recycling small electronics items such as printer cartridges, cell phones and obsolete digital gadgets. You can recycle a lot of different things for cash, but here we’re just sticking to stuff that really shouldn’t end up in a landfill anyway. More than 350 million printer cartridges and old cell phones are thrown away each year.

Why not do a recycle fundraiser?

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7 Tips For Your Recycling Fundraiser

  1. Get a good partner – It’s key to select a recycling partner that will give you good value for what you collect. Prices can vary considerably, particularly on “newer” electronics like cell phones and digital cameras, so shop around for the best deal. Be sure to factor in all other costs like freight, payment terms, etc.  I’ve used the Funding Factory for several school-related recycling efforts and have been very pleased with the results.
  2. Make it easy to recycle – You absolutely have to make it easy for people to do business with you. That means having convenient collection points and drop-off boxes setup so people can easily bring you their discards.
  3. Promote heavily – You have to get the word out to people about your recycling effort. You want good word of mouth, social media, and some printed reminders. It’s important that you communicate what your fundraiser is all about and why you are raising funds. People will want to help, but you need to motivate them gather up all their electronic leftovers and bring them in. That’s where your message counts and why you need it to reach as many people as possible.
  4. Do a mega yard sale event – A great way to get people bringing in  a lot of recyclable items is to put together a huge yard sale event. I’m talking about getting people to clear out their garages and attics of anything they don’t want. Then you have a mega yard sale in a parking lot in a high-traffic area. This yard sale fundraiser article describes how to do it. You’ll get tons of small electronics to recycle and you’ll be giving people an even better reason to get rid of their junk.
  5. Partner with businesses & groups – Approach local businesses and other non-profit groups about partnering with you on your recycle fundraiser. People like to do business with people they know, so leverage the connections of your group’s members to make first contact.
  6. Piggyback on other events – Once you have relationships established, its easy to piggyback on other fundraising events, business gatherings, etc. For example, you could setup collection boxes at business locations for their convenience and pick them up after a week. Or, you could publicize that an electronics recycling box will be available at a monthly business gathering at the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  7. Keep it going – Once you have a electronics recycling fundraiser going, its easy to just keep it going. That can be ongoing year-round, or just an annual or monthly effort. Either way, take advantage of the recycling momentum and just keep raising funds with only a little extra effort.

And those are my 7 tips for doing your own recycle fundraiser.