Raffle Ideas

Some of the best raffle ideas are those that are easy to do and raise a lot of money. Here are some raffle fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise the funds you need for your group or cause.

Raffle ideas for awesome results!

Its important to note that there is no one raffle idea that is best for every situation. In fact, the best thing you can do is to use multiple raffles because each of the different raffle formats will appeal to different types or groups of people.

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Fundraising Event Tips: Use Multiple Raffles

As part of our series of fundraising event tips, this article covers why you should use multiple fundraising raffles at your event. Raffles help maximize your results by getting people excited about the chance of winning a big prize while donating to your cause.

When organizing a large charity event with several hundred people attending, you can use these five different types of raffles to raise funds. Those five types of raffles are:

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Dirty Bingo Raffle Ruled Illegal

A dirty bingo raffle offered by an N.C. State student group has been ruled illegal by the state’s Department of Public Safety after an uproar over the sexy bingo prizes being offered.

Dirty bingo raffle ruled illegal

The dirty bingo game was organized by the student-led Union Activities Board and was supposed to promote safe sex practices among N.C. State students. Over 500 students signed up on Facebook to attend the February 12th event at the student activities center, but an online furor over the prizes attracted national media coverage.

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Reverse Raffle Ideas

If you want to do a fundraising raffle, then these reverse raffle ideas will definitely help raise more funds for your group. A reverse raffle awards the grand prize to the last ticket drawn instead of the first, so it holds everyone’s attention longer at your event.

One of the best reverse raffle ideas is to go with higher priced tickets, and correspondingly, a large cash prize. This works well for your group because then you don’t have to spend time or money lining up a different raffle prize.

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