Fundraising Raffles - Raffle Fundraiser Ideas

How to raise the most money using fundraising raffles either as a standalone fundraiser or as part of your fundraising event. What the best raffle prizes are and tips on how to sell more raffle tickets.

Discover the best ways to raise money, including using multiple types of raffles at your fundraising event. Use door prize raffles, cash prize raffles, and quick raffles for example of a bundled vacation getaway consisting of donated items and fundraising consignment travel and resort stays.

Learn about specialty raffles such as a raffle for men only with prizes that are geared for men. And obviously, you can do a raffle with prizes that are geared for men. You'll get buyers from both sexes for each type of raffle, so you can offer both raffles at the same event.

Find out the best locations for selling lots of raffle tickets and the best ticket prices for raffles with big prizes like a new car, motorcycle, dream vacation, etc.

Raffles – Raffle Fundraiser Ideas

Here are some raffle ideas for raising money for your group. A good raffle where the tickets are properly priced and well promoted can easily out fundraise any fundraising product.As with any event, you have to promote it and you have to sell lots of raffle tickets, so be sure to read the article on […]

Raffle Prize Ideas

A well-run raffle with the right grand prize can raise incredible amounts of money for your school, church, or charity. Most groups underestimate how much money a raffle can raise. Here are some raffle prize ideas you may want to consider.You can easily raise ten thousand with a simple raffle, tens of thousands with a […]

Cash Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Calendar fundraisers have always been popular with nonprofit and school groups. The idea is pretty basic – assemble some great photos, have a batch of calendars printed up, and offer them for sale to your supporters.Now a new twist has been added to this tried and true fundraiser – adding a cash raffle and including […]

Fundraiser Raffle Ideas

People enjoy getting a chance to win something, so here are some easy fundraiser raffle ideas to boost your fundraising efforts. Your raffle can be an inexpensive ticket for a prize drawing or a $100 ticket for a big prize such as a big screen television or a new car.Raffles Are Easy FundraisersThe basics of […]

Golf Ball Drop Raffle

Often referred to as Golf Balls From Heaven or Golf Balls From Above, a golf ball drop raffle makes an excellent fundraiser event. The premise is straightforward. You sell numbered raffle chances based on the winner being the closest to the target’s center in a drop of numbered golf balls.One ideal way to drop the […]