Raffles – Raffle Fundraiser Ideas

Here are some raffle ideas for raising money for your group. A good raffle where the tickets are properly priced and well promoted can easily out fundraise any fundraising product.

As with any event, you have to promote it and you have to sell lots of raffle tickets, so be sure to read the article on how to maximize your ticket sales.

Fundraising Raffle Ideas

Cow Chip Fundraiser – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money.

Grocery Shopping Spree Raffle – How to raise funds fast with a grocery shopping spree fundraiser – Best ways to sell raffle tickets for a grocery shopping fundraiser.

Golf Ball Drop Raffle – Raise funds fast with a golf ball drop raffle – Fun fundraising event features cash prizes for closest to the pin winners.

Car Raffle Tips – Tips on organizing a successful car raffle – How to advice on maximizing profits with high quality prizes, ticket sales, and event planning.

Rubber Duck Fundraiser – How to organize a rubber duck race as your fundraising event – Profit boosters for your rubber duck fundraiser that can double or triple your results.

Cash Calendar Fundraiser – Combining a cash raffle with a calendar fundraiser – Understanding the appeal of a cash calendar fundraiser.

Art Raffle Fundraiser – Putting together an art raffle fundraiser is easy and fun – How to raise large amounts for charity with an art raffle.

Raffle Prize Ideas – Ideas for raffle prizes plus tips on ticket prices to maximize sales and profits – Easily raise tens of thousands of dollars with your next raffle.

Fundraiser Raffle Ideas – Tips on putting together fundraising raffles – Fundraiser raffle ideas for any size group – Prize selection and ticket price tips.

Chinese Auction – Chinese auctions: Extra profit tips and how a Chinese auction compares with a silent auction for fundraising.

Choose from dozens of raffles & raffle fundraiser ideas to provide the money your group needs to be it’s best!