Raffle Ideas

Some of the best raffle ideas are those that are easy to do and raise a lot of money. Here are some raffle fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise the funds you need for your group or cause.

Raffle ideas for awesome results!

Its important to note that there is no one raffle idea that is best for every situation. In fact, the best thing you can do is to use multiple raffles because each of the different raffle formats will appeal to different types or groups of people.

Raffle Ideas – Types or Formats

Here are the six main raffle formats and a brief explanation of how to raise money with each type:

  1. Door prize raffle – By adding a drawing for door prizes, you can increase the ticket price for your event. The more chances to win something nice, the higher the ticket price bump.
  2. Cash prize raffle – By raffling off all cash prizes, you have a self-contained format. No need to buy prizes or seek donated goods or services because everyone likes to win cash money
  3. Low-end raffle – Standard drawing format for a modest prize or prizes with tickets priced anywhere from $1 to $10. Price point is aimed at maximum participation and people buying multiple chances.
  4. High-end raffle – Awesome prize with stratospheric ticket prices and a limited number of tickets. This is an exclusive type format for exotic prizes and tickets only the rich can afford.
  5. Reverse raffle – The backward raffle drawing sets this one apart as the last ticket drawn is the big winner. There are variations where people can buy back in to the drawing or can win smaller prizes along the way.
  6. Dream theme raffle – The proverbial big prize format offering a drawing for a new car, new home, dream vacation, etc. Ticket prices are in the $10 to $100 range and proportionate to the prize or prizes offered.
Sample raffle prizes flyer

Raffle Prize Ideas

Obviously, the prizes for your raffle are going to vary based on the raffle format chosen, the ticket price point and the number of raffle tickets your group can sell. So, let’s take a look at the best prize ideas for each format:

  1. Door prizes – Gift cards and gift certificates make great door prizes. Also fun items that attract lots of attention.
  2. Cash prizes – Always a good idea in any raffle drawing because people can use the cash as they wish.
  3. Low-end prizes – Wide variety of donated goods and services works best because more prizes means more ticket sales.
  4. High-end prizes – Luxury items with snob appeal like rare classic cars, exclusive access to real celebrities, one-of-a-kind artwork, etc.
  5. Reverse prizes – Cash money always works great as the main prize or even secondary prizes. Secondary prizes can be donated goods or services.
  6. Dream prizes – Luxury cars or SUVs are big draws. Home raffles are big moneymakers, but only if you know how to sell a lot of tickets.

Raffle Ticket Sales Ideas

Obviously, you want to sell the most raffle tickets possible so that you can raise the most money possible. That means getting the most publicity possible and offering tickets in many different ways. Here are some good ways to sell more raffle tickets:

  1. Use your website – Feature your raffle fundraiser on your site and feature how and where to buy chances to win. Sell online if legal in your area.
  2. Use social media – Use the viral power of the web to increase awareness of your offering and your need. Ask for help, tell why you’re raising funds, and use the word BECAUSE.
  3. Location, location, location – Go where people are shopping to sell raffle tickets like outside grocery stores and other high-traffic retail locations.
  4. Use raffle flyers – Create a colorful themed flyer featuring your prizes, ticket pricing, and use artwork to pull it all together.
  5. Use business sponsors – Sign up some corporate partners and have them sell tickets internally (employees, family, friends) and externally (retail locations, headquarters, etc.)
  6. Offer sales prizes – Award prizes for hitting certain sales levels. Prizes can be as simple as free entries or cash money. Or, you can have a selection to pick from at various levels.
  7. Assign ticket sales quotas – People growse about having assigned sales numbers, but it puts peer pressure into the equation and really boosts your sales results.

That’s all the raffle ideas we have room for in this article. Check out some of our other raffle tips in the articles listed below.