Q4 Silent Auction Items Ideas

It’s a fact that some silent auction items sell better than others. And in Q4, these types of silent auction items will be your bestsellers or at least attract the most bids.

Q4 Silent Auction Items & Ideas

Basically, the best silent auction item ideas for Q4 are all about enjoying the holidays. I’m talking about holiday related items like decorations, fabulous Christmas wreaths, themed serving platters, time-saving holiday services like setting up outdoor Christmas decorations or preparing scrumptious meals.

Charity auctioneer Shery Truhlar of RedAppleAuctions.com describes what’s popular on every auction attendees list of hot auction items for the holidays. Read more in the guest article below.

Silent Auction Item Ideas For Fourth Quarter Auctions

Keeping with the procurement theme today, I wanted to share a procurement-related tip that works for those nonprofits hosting fourth quarter auctions.

If your fundraising auction is in October, November, or December, include holiday-related decor among your silent auction items.

This past Saturday I worked in Louisville, KY for a nonprofit that had a large silent auction. The holiday-specific items were some of the first items to receive bids.

I’ve explained before why autumn benefit auctions have several advantages over spring auctions, and home decorating is just one of them. Playing up your seasonal auction by selling some seasonal items works well, and it’s a technique that spring auctions can’t match.

Think about it: How many of your neighbors go “all out” in decorating their home and yard for Valentine’s Day? Or St. Patrick’s Day? Or President’s Day?

My guess: No one in your neighborhood. That’s my point. Spring auctions don’t have this natural seasonal advantage.

People love making their homes fit seasonal festivities, especially Halloween and Christmas holidays. Capitalize on that by selling items they can use.

The photos in this article show a couple of items that were sold to fit the Christmas holidays, but depending on the date of your fourth-quarter auction, items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas all sell.

You can play up or play down religious items, depending on your crowd.

These types of auction items sell well in Q4:

  • Indoor decor, large and small
  • Outdoor decor, large and small
  • Wreaths (fresh, fake, or made to order)
  • Holiday-inspired serving platters and utensils
  • Lessons (how to decorate sugar cookies … how to make gingerbread houses)
  • Related food items (e.g. mulling spices for wine … special turkey seasoning)
  • Holiday-related services (4 hours of Christmas decorating in your home or spooky Halloween decorations)

About The Author
Benefit auctioneer Sherry Truhlar publishes “Benefit Auction Ideas,” a bi-monthly e-zine for auction chairs seeking to improve the financial results of their charity auctions. Get your own copy – and a F’REE gift! – at www.RedAppleAuctions.com.

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