Publicity Tips

Here are some publicity tips on promoting your fundraiser event. Getting publicity is the key factor in having a big turnout to support your cause, so you need to know how to get newspaper, radio, and TV coverage quickly and easily.

Preparing a press release is fairly simple, but if you don’t present a newsworthy angle in your summary paragraph, your cause will suffer. Read these great tips for how to work the media with a win/win approach and draw a huge crowd to your fundraiser.

How To Publicize Your Fundraiser Event

Fundraising Publicity – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful events.

Getting Media Coverage – How to get media coverage for your non-profit group, charity auction, or fundraising event.

Fundraising Fundamentals – How to increase community awareness of both your need and your offering.

What’s In It For Me – To succeed, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”

Merchant Plan – How to put together a successful merchant plan for long-term success.

Fundraising Event Tips – Tips on raising maximum funds at your next event – Easy to follow fundraising event tips for getting publicity and attracting sellout crowds eager to support your cause.

Cheesecake Calendar Fundraiser – Raising funds with a tongue-in-cheek cheesecake calendar fundraiser – How to get great publicity plus surefire ways to maximize profits with extra fundraising tips.

Charity Golf Tournament – How to raise more funds with a charity golf event – Tips for planning a charity golf tournament – Publicity, prizes, pledges and planning ahead are crucial.

Political Fundraising Event Tips – How to tips on putting together a political fundraising event – Action steps for making your fundraiser events quickly come to life.

Cow Chip Fundraiser – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money with a unique approach to fund raising.

Organizing Charity Events – Advice on how to organize a special charity event for your nonprofit – Organizational tips and planning suggestions.

Communication – Final piece of the Preparation series about the best ways to communicate your need.