Promoting Scrip Fundraisers

Scrip fundraising is used by many nonprofit organizations as a way to raise funds year round. It is sometimes known as the silent fundraiser and can be a non-pushy way for your group to raise money. Here are some tips on Promoting Scrip Fundraisers:

In fact, your organization may already be signed up with a scrip company and you don’t even know it! If your supporters don’t know about your scrip program, it’s time to pull it out of the closet and blow off the dust. This is a great way to raise funds, but not if nobody knows about it!

Scrip Fundraising and How to Promote It

Many organizations have lists of restaurants and stores that offer a percentage of sales to your group. Most range from 3 to 12 percent. Some larger ticket retailers offer a greater percentage like hotels, airlines, and so on.

Okay, so we know that scrip is a great idea, but how do you promote it? Let’s take a school’s scrip program as an example. Someone from the fundraising committee should have scrip order forms and a twenty second chat at every PTA meeting and at every committee meeting. Keep it short and just give a gentle reminder.

During other fundraisers, make sure that your scrip program is introduced as an overlay or as another alternative to prospective supporters. You’d be surprised at how many people would rather order a $25 “gift card” from your scrip program than ordering two rolls of gift wrap and some chocolate. After all, these are not obscure retailers. These are national chains that sell products that your supporters buy everyday.

Again, using the school as an example, make sure that scrip is highly visible during “Meet the Teacher” night, at your Open House, at the Fall Festival, Spring Carnival, volunteer luncheons; any forum where the “spenders” might be present. Post reminder signs in areas where your groups supporters are most likely to see.

Remember to use supporter email lists, newsletters, even direct mail to get the word out. Remind them how these “gift cards” benefit your organization without costing any more than they would ordinarily spend, typically at places they would ordinarily spend their money anyway. And here’s another tip, don’t just remind them, remind them often.

Making the most out of your scrip program is your ace in the whole. If promoted properly, it could mean the difference of whether you’ll need to have another fundraiser this year or not!