Promote Your Auction Fundraiser On Facebook

Facebook posts are a great way to promote your auction fundraiser online. Whether it’s a school auction fundraiser or a charity gala, Facebook is effective for building excitement and generating bidding interest both before and during your fundraiser.


You can also use these auction promotion tips on other social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter and to your email list. They’ll work well for you whether you are doing an online auction fundraiser or a standard charity event with a silent auction fundraiser.

These auction fundraiser ideas from event fundraising expert Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions reveal some creative ways to use Facebook to increase attendance and whet bidders appetites for your top auction items.

How to Use Facebook For Your Fundraiser

Charity auction planners can rely on Facebook to help them easily share information about their auction fundraiser. It’s free and enables you to relay brief, frequent reminders.

To get your public relations or marketing volunteer started, here are 11 auction-related ideas that can be modified for your own use.

Ideas to post before the auction fundraiser:

1. Promote item donations: “Feeling chilly this morning?” one auction committee inquired. They then posted a shot of a palm tree with a teaser description detailing an island vacation package to be sold in the live auction.

2. Push sponsorships: One organization promised that their lower level sponsorships were designed for small businesses wanting to gain exposure to the community. They also allowed sponsors tickets to the auction.

3. Ticket alerts: A school auction committee alerted parents on Facebook that volunteers would be available curbside the following day with tuition raffle tickets in hand, available for purchase.

4. Solicit donations: “Here’s an easy way to make a donation,” said one nonprofit. They then posted a link to their Amazon Wishlist. If a supporter wanted to buy an item from the Wishlist, it would be donated to the nonprofit and sold at the auction fundraiser.

5. Request help: Need extra hands to finish a project? Let your fan base know with a post like, “we’re stuffing envelopes on Thursday in conference room #1.”

6. Ticket sales: One group wrote, “RSVP stalled on your desk?” They posted a contact email and phone number that urged followers to contact them that day to confirm attendance. They had a catering count deadline and needed to know numbers.

Ideas to post during the auction fundraiser:

7. On the ground eye witness account: Take a photo of the guests in your silent auction and post a mobile upload. “After months of planning…” you could write. Or “Here’s what your missing,” and post a fun shot.

8. Reminders to bid: For an online auction, posts can be made frequently to alert your community that the auction is open. “24 hours and counting,” you might write, followed by what’s seeing bidding activity (or isn’t).

Ideas to post after the auction fundraiser:

9. Billing updates: One group didn’t distribute invoices the night of the school auction, but mailed them later. “Thanks for your patience,” you might write, “as we work through final billing notifications.”

10. Announcing final totals. Three weeks after the gala, one school posted, “In case you haven’t heard…” and went on to say they had a record-breaking appeal for scholarship donations.

11. Thank people who mattered. “Thank you, Mr. Photographer, for capturing these fun moments from the gala.” Post a link to the photographs so everyone can recall the great time had by all.

These will get you launched. Share them with your publicity chairperson to get the word out about your auction fundraiser.

About The Author
Fundraising auctioneer Sherry Truhlar has been featured in national publications and television shows for her trend-setting work with nonprofit auctions. She offers auction chairpersons many free resources on her website, including her Annual Auction Item Guide TM, which helps acquisitions committees with procurement. Get your FREE Guide at

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