Promo Fundraising

A new trend in easy fundraisers is promo fundraising or getting commissions on affiliate sales. Essentially, you are raising funds by referring new customers to businesses offering popular goods and services.

Among the most popular are Internet service providers, long distance service, cellular phone service, credit cards, flowers, magazines, and other highly competitive markets. Instead of spending money on advertising to attract customers, the businesses pay groups for each new customer referred to them.

Raising Funds By Referring Business

How it works
Each type of promo fundraising is slightly different, but most follow the same approach. Your group registers as an affiliate of the company and promotes their product or service to your supporters. When a consumer you have referred takes the desired action, the company pays your group a referral fee.

Because these are profitable goods and services that often have an ongoing revenue stream, the referral fee or commission can be quite large. For instance, someone signing up for Internet service could earn your group a $25 fee.

Obviously, that’s a lot of money, but there’s always a catch. Not everyone wants to change their ISP or phone service at any given time. So, the key is to do promo fundraising on an ongoing basis, not just for a few weeks like a typical product fundraiser.

Four promotion tips
Since these are ongoing fundraisers, you need to keep putting the word out to your supporters about the deals you’re offering. Many of these companies will offer a special introductory rate such as half-price Internet service for a few months or zero percent APR on a new credit card.

One way to drive business is to use your website. You can feature these relationships on your home page or in a special section. Provide as many details as needed and provide an affiliate link to the sponsoring companies site that ensures your commission.

Don’t hide the fact that you’re earning a fee for referrals. Stress that customers are getting special savings not available through other sources. Be sure to state that this is a fundraiser for your group and encourage people to take action now to show their support.

Another way to attract customers is through your newsletter and email lists. Prominently feature your promo fundraiser as something new you are trying. Point out that these are goods and services that people are already spending money on, so why not do it in such a way that it benefits your group.

A third way is to use flyers and posters with details about the products and services you are promoting. Always write these by describing what’s in it for the customer and link them to your website. Example: Save 50% on Internet service. Special offer – only $9.95 a month. Limited time only!

A fourth way to promote is by using email signature files. Basically, you supply to all your supporters a four-line message containing an affiliate link to your offer. Ask them to attach it to all their emails and thus feature your promo offer. Just as in the flyer example above, emphasize the good deal and it’s limited time window, so they must act now to lock in the savings.

New trends
Promo fundraising is gaining momentum as an easy fundraiser for schools and nonprofits. Websites are popping up that will handle all the details for registered groups.

You enroll your group and a special page is created for your exclusive use. You direct your referrals to that page and all signups are handled automatically by the website. An administrative login provides access to results and earned commission totals.

There are even email tools provided which assist your promotion efforts by allowing supporters to send details to their own list of personal contacts. This allows you to reach even more people and you can even use an ongoing message system to send follow-up offers.

Promo fundraising is an exciting development because it provides a way for groups to earn money by offering some of the most popular goods and services available. After all, who isn’t using an Internet service or a cell phone these days?

These easy fundraisers are free and can operate on an year-round basis. You are offering substantial savings for products and services that people are already buying, so it’s a win/win situation.

All you need to do is send customers their way. Get started with promo fundraising today!