Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Another good fundraising product idea for small groups  or schools is doing a mixed bag fundraiser through Mixed Bag Designs. Their fundraising bags are high quality, come in a wide variety of patterns, plus they can hold a whopping 50 to  60 pounds of whatever you need or want to carry. Mixed Bag fundraisers offer …

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Organic Seeds Fundraiser

Organic vegetable seeds are another good fundraiser product to sell in the Spring through an order-taker brochure. An organic seeds fundraiser fits right in with the trend of growing your own veggies in your backyard for higher quality food that is pesticide free. That makes this a great fundraising idea for schools, church groups, and youth sports teams.

Organic seeds fundraiser order form

Selling organic seeds is just like selling any other type of fundraising product. One key is reaching large amounts of people at the right time of year and then efficiently delivering their orders. The other key is finding the right fundraising supplier and High Mowing Seeds has been offering 100% organic seeds for fundraising since 1996.

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Candy Fundraisers

If you are looking for fundraising candy ideas to raise money, here is a list of the top candy fundraisers for schools, churches, and youth sports teams. When picking the best fundraiser products to sell, note that there is always a tradeoff between the price point of the candy you’re offering and how many items that you can sell.

For instance, most fundraising candy prices range from $1 to $3 per item for the items sold in the carrier boxes. The higher the price, the lower the unit sales numbers. What you want to do is to maximize your overall sales revenue because the profit margins usually average 50% net profit for most candy items.

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Bed Sheets Fundraiser

Another product offering a unique fundraising idea for schools, churches and youth sports teams is a bed sheets fundraiser. Selling bed sheets to raise funds is a great way to raise a lot of money per participant, but it does take some sales effort to hit really big fundraising numbers.

Bed sheets fundraiser

Your fundraising goal when doing a bed sheet fundraiser should be to sell at least five sets of sheets per participant. Most fundraising bed sheets cost between $20 to $40 per set and retail for $35 to $60 each.

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Fundraising Products To Sell

Many groups have a hard time selecting the right fundraising product, so here are the best fundraising products to sell for raising the funds you need. Instead of settling for selling the same products you sold last year and the year before that, check out this list of product ideas that are big moneymakers.

Fundraising products to sell

When selling products to raise money, you want items that have a broad appeal and offer profit margins of at least 50%. You also need to decide if you want to offer products for immediate sale, or do an order-taker fundraiser where you collect payment upfront and deliver their purchases later.

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