Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

Kids love popcorn fundraising and if you’re raising funds, that’s a good thing. Popcorn fundraisers are great moneymakers because your sellers are always enthusiastic about a product they like plus customers love buying this healthy snack treat for their children.

And of course, what adult doesn’t like a little popcorn for themselves from time to time?

Parents interested in healthier snacks will love the fact that your fundraiser popcorn pops in heart-healthy sunflower oil. Kids will love the choices: Natural Flavor, Butter Flavor, Low Fat Butter Flavor, and the sweet and salty Kettle Corn.

Popcorn Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun

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Sports Fundraising
You can order fundraising popcorn in sports-themed packages, which make it great for sports teams who are raising funds for new uniforms or travel expenses. Available sports themes include baseball, basketball, cheer, football, or soccer.

Popcorn Fundraising Tips
One of the best ways to raise more funds is to expand your sales beyond family, friends, and neighbors. And how do you do that? By going to where people are already out spending money!

Setting up a sales table outside a high-traffic retail location such as a grocery store, drug store or mass merchant like Wal-Mart or Kmart is a great way to reach a whole new audience.

Get permission ahead of time from the store manager. Weekends are the best time, so pair up at each location in two-hour shifts.

Use large signs to let people know who you are, what you are doing, and why you are raising funds. Example: All Star Baseball Team Popcorn FundraiserHelp Us Get To The Regionals!

The signs will pre-sell those who are inclined to help, allowing you to talk to interested prospect, not pester everyone who walks by.

Display your popcorn packages in large piles and ask for their help while using the word “because”. Example: Can you help us out by buying some popcorn because we’re raising money to cover our trip to the Regionals?

The word because is a subconscious psychological trigger word that predisposes people to give you what you are asking for. In other words, using it will double your sales!

Popcorn fundraisers are a great way for youth sports teams and other groups to raise much needed funds. The sports-themed packaging is attractive and the popcorn itself is delicious.

The new sunflower oil used for popping the corn in the microwave makes this a fundraising product that appeals to health conscious consumers, plus kids love selling things they like.

Expand your sales targets beyond family, friends, and neighbors by setting up sales tables outside high-traffic retail locations. Combined a great location with a good sales pitch will put your popcorn fundraising through the roof!