Pokemon Go Fundraiser

Holding a Pokemon Go fundraiser is another easy way to raise funds fast. Pokemon Go is hugely popular and this fundraising event idea is inexpensive & fun.

Plus, you can add a Pokemon Go Lure to virtually any other type of fundraising event. Think of it as a great way to boost attendance that’s cheaper than advertising or almost any other type of promotional activity. Here’s a quick list of some other events where you can easily add Pokemon Go to the festivities.

Pokemon Go Fundraiser Event Ideas

  • School carnival
  • Church youth group
  • Car wash
  • Charity run/walk
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Fashion show
  • Talent show
  • Restaurant night
  • Pub crawl
  • Food truck rodeo
  • Chili cookoff
  • Craft beer festival

Pokemon Go Fundraiser – How To Advice

You can raise money at any type of event that draws a good crowd and a Pokemon Go Lure will definitely draw a good crowd.

Here’s how you set up your Pokemon Go Lure:

  1. On your phone, log into Pokemon Go and tap on the red/white ball.
  2. Next, tap on Shop.
  3. Then scroll down and purchase some Pokecoins so you can purchase a Lure.
  4. A 30-minute Lure costs 100 Pokecoins or $0.99, so a 3-hour event would be $6.
  5. Pay for your Pokecoins through iTunes.
  6. Now that you have Pokecoins, scroll up the Pokemon Go Shop page to Lures.
  7. Tap on your preferred number of Lure Modules ( six = three hours worth).
  8. Next, make your purchase by tapping Exchange For (spend Pokecoins).
  9. Now you want to place your purchased Lures on a nearby PokeStop.
  10. Exit from the Pokeman Go Shop page and go to the home screen.
  11. Find a PokeStop near your fundraiser event location.
  12. Tap on the blue circle that appears when you are in range of the PokeStop.
  13. The PokeStop details will appear.
  14. Tap on the white button with the Lure icon (just above the PokeStop image).
  15. Tap on the Lure module image a second time.
  16. You’ll now see small hearts flowing from the PokeStop.
  17. Your Lure is now active and will last for 30 minutes.
  18. Promote your Pokemon Go fundraiser on social media well ahead of time.

Fundraising Events – How To Raise More Money

Whether you do your Pokemon Go fundraiser as a standalone event or as part of a larger event, you need to have the right mix of fundraising activities at your event. Raffles and silent auctions are traditionally some of the best ways to raise money, but there are many more ways to raise money.

Here’s a list of articles that will show you some quick ways to raise more money: