Pizza Hut Fundraiser

Another popular way to raise funds is a Pizza Hut Fundraiser. There are two different types of fundraisers. One is a pizza discount card offering two-for-one deals on up to twenty pizzas.

Pizza Hut fundraiser card

The second fund raiser is coordinating a Pizza Night for your group at the local Pizza Hut and earning a portion of the total revenue associated with your group’s purchases.

Pizza Hut Discount Card or Pizza Night

Pizza Discount Card

The Pizza Hut discount card is a great fundraiser because not only can you sell the cards to your supporters, you can sell them to the general public as well.

Most pizza discount cards provide twenty two-for one deals and the cards are marked each time they are used. Some suppliers use a scratch off version to track usage amounts while others simply rely on an expiration date to cap usage.

Prices for the discount cards begin at $4 each and go much lower with larger orders. with a retail price of $10, that means there’s plenty of profit to be made.

Sales tips
Besides selling as many as possible to your core group of supporters, get permission from the manager of a high-traffic location such as a grocery or drug store to sell these cards out front.

Set up a sales table with a colorful poster in front explaining the 2-for-1 pizza deal plus who your group is and why you are raising funds. If possible, do the same thing with a large sign on the wall behind you. You want your signage to pre-sell the customers as they walk up, so be sure to make them easy to read from a distance.

You want to reach as many people as possible, so work the location or multiple locations, for the entire weekend. Split up in pairs and divide it up into two-hour shifts.

With a good location, you can sell as many as a thousand cards in one weekend.

Another variation on the pizza discount program is to find a supplier that offers coupon booklets instead of a single card. The customer simply tears off a coupon and submits it with their payment at the cash register or when ordering a pizza delivery.

Sales work the same way, but people seem to understand the coupon approach with fewer explanations.

Pizza Night Fundraiser

The Pizza Hut Pizza Night program works in conjunction with their marketing department and local restaurant manager. First, you select a night (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only) for your event a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Pizza Hut pizza night flyer

Pizza Hut will create a batch of flyers for your group that you pick up from the local manager. Each flyer has a tear-off claim check at the bottom that is used at the time of payment to link the sale to your group’s event participation.

No claim check used, no share of the revenue. Sales credits are good on dine-in orders, take out, and delivery orders.

Your group’s Pizza Night fundraiser involves distributing the flyers to your supporters, encouraging them to use them on your Pizza Night, and reminding them that they must submit the claim check at the time of payment.

Approximately ten days after your Pizza Night event, Pizza Hut will cut your group a check for your share. This makes it a great way to raise funds for school clubs, church youth groups, youth sports teams, or other cause-related fundraisers.

A Pizza Hut Fundraiser, whether it’s selling the pizza discount card or coordinating a Pizza Night, is a quick and easy way to raise funds. The discount cards require cash up front, but they have the added advantage of selling well to the general public.

The Pizza Night works great for small groups who don’t have the extra funds to buy discount cards to sell because there is no upfront cost. Pick one and put pizza to work for your next fundraiser.