Pizza Fundraiser Ideas

Here are 7 pizza fundraiser ideas to help you raise more funds for your school, group, or church. These ideas cover Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars fundraisers. The primary fundraising methods are selling discount cards, selling pizza kits, selling frozen pizza, or holding a restaurant fundraiser. Each company supplies high-quality fundraiser flyers for your group.

Pizza Hut Fundraiser
Pizza Hut offers both a fundraising discount card and the option of holding a group Pizza Night at one of their locations. The Pizza Hut discount card costs $3, retails for $10, and is good for 20 uses.

The customer gets a special deal every time they order a pizza – usually a buy one large pizza and get a free medium pizza. Because the deal is set by the local franchisee, your own deal may be slightly different.

The Pizza Hut Pizza Night fundraiser works like this – your group gets 20% of the total sales generated by participants who present their fundraiser ticket when placing their order. Pizza Hut creates the fundraiser flyers for your group and lets you select the date. You can read more here about doing a Pizza Night.

Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser
Domino’s pizza offers fundraising cards through their Delivering The Dough program. Delivering the Dough cards are the only official fundraising card of Domino’s Pizza.

Delivering the Dough and other Domino’s fundraising programs are coordinated locally and are available at participating Domino’s locations only. Do not buy Domino’s pizza fundraising cards online because those are not the official cards.

Papa John’s Pizza Fundraiser
Papa John’s offers groups a discount card fundraiser with a cost of $3 and a retail price of $10. Each discount offer is set by the local franchisee or corporate manager, but many have this type of offer: Buy a large pizza at regular price and receive a second pizza of equal or lesser value for free. Customers can use their discount card 15-20 times and the cards are good for one year.

Pizza Fundraiser Ideas – Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser
Little Caesars offers pizza kits that are made daily with fresh ingredients. Each pizza kit contains the makings of three pizzas and they retail for $18. Your group makes $5 to $7 for each item sold. Little Caesars supplies all the sales materials and order forms, so all your team has to do is get out there and sell the pizza kits.

Little Caesars also offers fundraising pizza cone kits, crazy bread kits, Italian cheese bread, cookie dough, chicken wings, mini calzones, gourmet spices, and even an apple cheesecake cone kit. That means you should have something for every taste in your order catalog!

So those are the 7 pizza fundraiser ideas for your group.