How To Do A Pinterest Fundraiser

A unique fundraising idea you should consider is doing a Pinterest fundraiser. These Pinterest fundraising ideas involve creating an event around how to do everything on Pinterest, so its definitely going to appeal to women, but you can also add some things that will appeal to men as well.

So, how do you build a fundraising event around Pinterest? Easy! You can make it anything you want it to be by combining various elements together into an interactive event. Your event can be as large or as small as you want it to be. You can do a Pinterest school fundraiser, a party fundraiser, or even a full-blown Convention Center extravaganza.

12 Pinterest Fundraising Ideas

  1. Guest Speakers
  2. Seminars
  3. Skills Workshops
  4. How To Pinterest Training
  5. Pinterest Business Marketing Tips
  6. Fashion Show
  7. Photography Lessons
  8. Food & Drink
  9. DIY & Crafts
  10. Hair & Beauty
  11. Guy Stuff
  12. Corporate Sponsors
  13. How To Raise Funds At Any Event

Guest Speakers
Include Pinterest experts as presenters at your event. People love to hear success stories and they love how-to advice from DIY experts. You can have speakers talk about how they got 1 million Pinterest followers or they can talk about their specialties. You can even have Skype presentations displayed onto a huge screen. Best approach is to tailor the presentations to your specific theme and get enthusiastic presenters.

Seminars get into a lot more of the nitty gritty details than general speakers do. You’ll want to provide lots of information on specific aspects of Pinterest, including marketing your business.

Skills Workshops
Depending on subject matter, these can range from basic to advanced workshops based on popular Pinterest categories. Think DIY & Crafts for instance. These workshops can involve doing your own while the instructor guides everyone, or they can be a watch closely and see how its done approach.

How To Pinterest Training
Don’t forget that some people will want learn how to use Pinterest, so this portion of the event would offer some hands on computer training and followup instructional materials.

Pinterest Business Marketing Tips
Business people will pay for good marketing advice and many businesses don’t know how to market their wares on Pinterest. This type of training is all about marketing best practices for getting followers, likes, repins, and most importantly, website traffic and product sales.

Fashion Show
Why not include a fashion show based on what’s popular on Pinterest? It could be wedding styles, women’s clothing, outrageous looks, teen fashion or whatever suits your audience. Work with local retailers for clothes and use volunteers for models

Photography Lessons
Everyone could use a lesson in how to take great photos, so line up a professional photographer to do just that. Shot composition, most flattering poses, child photography tips, how to use Photoshop, etc.

Food & Drink
There are more food cravings inspired by Pinterest photos than everything else combined. Have your supporters put together some of their favorites for taste testings and “how to” lessons. Include some beer and wine tastings as fundraising activities. Hold contests for “Best Of” groupings.

DIY & Crafts
One of the most popular Pinterest categories and one with strong appeal to some large demographics. You could actually do a Pinterest school fundraiser around just this category.

These can be hands-on lessons, how-to demonstrations, or even sales of hand-crafted items from your supporters. Don’t forget to include some things that men will like to see.

Hair & Beauty
Hairstyles and beauty products are a strong draw fro women. Get local hairstylists to demonstrate some of the popular styles. Have makeup experts show how the pros do it. Offer makeovers with before and after photos.

This is a great category for lots of merchant tie-ins, product samples, contests, etc.

Guy Stuff
Include things that men will love like grilling, motorcycles, custom cars, pinup models (just kidding!), and beer tasting. If you want to get husbands to come to a Pinterest fundraiser, you have to have to “man cave” a portion of the event.

Corporate Sponsors
The really big money at fundraising events is in getting corporate sponsorships. Work your contacts, look for companies that sponsor other events, use professional business proposals to ask for support by showing what you can do to help promote their business, etc.

Basically, you want affinity and synergy between your cause and their products. Show them your audience demographics, what the tie-ins are, what their sponsorship dollars will buy, and be professional in both your approach and your pricing.

How To Raise Funds At Any Event
Any type of event can raise funds with raffles, silent auctions, live auctions, and ticket sales. The key is getting the right blend for your event. Include a door prize raffle with an admission ticket. Discount advance ticket sales because it gets people committed to attending.

Use the four different types of raffles and sell raffle ticket bundles for all four raffles at a discount. Cash raffles cost next to nothing to put together. Raffle off anything and everything from your event such as clothing, food, wine, donated items, gift baskets, etc. Stagger drawing throughout the event and use an emcee to periodically announce winners.

Silent auctions are always great for raising funds. Group items by theme and have separate areas with staggered closing times. Use bid sheets with both minimum bids and minimum bid increments. We also have donation request letters on our website specifically for getting items donated for auction. Work with local businesses on a win/win basis where there’s something in it for them.

Live auctions at large events will catapult your fundraising results into the stratosphere if you use a professional auctioneer because they will double or triple what you’d get otherwise. The other key is to get great things to auction off. Use the same approach as you do for silent auction items, but think bigger.

Also, there are companies that specialize in providing sports memorabilia and other high-end items for auction. Of course there’s a cost to those items, but they are still huge moneymakers.

I hope these unique fundraising ideas about how to do a Pinterest fundraiser event inspires you to do this because its something that any group can easily put together. Make your event fun and interactive, publicize it well, include some traditional fundraising activities, and you’ll do just fine.