Partners for Kids

Partners for Kids

Supplier: Partners for Kids
Phone: (800) 681-1207
Fax: (865) 984-7027

Address: PO Box 27070
City: Knoxville
State: TN
Zip: 37927

Description: Specializes in community-wide campaigns for public education with checkbooks, smart cards, and message boards.

The Partners for Kids Patron Checkbook is a coupon book developed exclusively for schools in selected areas.

It consists of significant discount offers, valued at more than $500, from local businesses. Merchants include department stores, restaurants, retailers, service providers, and entertainment locations. Retail is $10.

The Smart Card for Education is a credit card size discount card that consists of approximately 20 merchant’s discount offers, including department stores, restaurants, retailers, service providers, and entertainment locations in your area. Retail is $10.

The Message Board is about the size of a standard license plate, so it fits comfortably under most car seats or above the sun visor.

Your choice of 10 preprinted messages to slip into the slot and specify your car problem. Retail is $10. Profit is 60%.


Product Lines: Cards – Discount, Coupon Book, Discount Cards, Safety Items

Terms: Net terms available to qualified organizations

Notes: Free delivery. Prize programs available.

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