Paintball Fundraiser

Another fun fundraising idea for small groups and sports teams is doing a paintball fundraiser tournament to raise money. Like many other sports-themed events, a paintball team competition is fun way to fundraise for a cause or an individual in need.

Doing a paintball team fundraiser tournament is surprisingly easy because most paintball facilities provide rental equipment, offer safety training for novice players, and have lots of space available for some fundraising activities during your event.

So, how do you raise money with a fun sports event like this one? Pretty much the same way you do at other charity events. Check out the complete list of fundraising ideas below along with some quick tips on how to raise even more funds.

Paintball Team Fundraising Ideas

  1. Ticket Sales
  2. Cash Raffle
  3. Prize Raffle
  4. Silent Auction
  5. Personal Pledges
  6. Pizza Discount Cards
  7. Food & Drink Sales
  8. Prize Money
  9. Team Sponsors
  10. Event Sponsors

Let’s take a quick look at each of these event fundraising ideas and how they would help raise more money at any type of sports-themed fundraiser event.

Ticket Sales
Selling tickets to your fundraiser event is a must do in order to raise funds for your cause. The key is to have a higher-priced ticket an raise some extra funds by including things in the ticket price that don’t cost a lot of money, but offer a lot of value.

For example, you could include a door prize drawing or a 50/50 cash raffle in the ticket price and charge an extra $10. If you use donated items for the door prizes, the extra ticket revenue goes directly to your cause. If you do the cash raffle, 50% of the extra money from the higher ticket price goes to your cause.

Cash Raffle
If you keep your ticket price low, then do a 50/50 cash raffle as a separate fundraising activity. These raffles work great at any sporting event and the prize money comes directly from the raffle ticket sales, so its a win/win for any event.

Prize Raffle
You can also do a prize raffle at any type of fundraising event. Basically, you get donated items from local merchants or supporters of your cause and raffle them off. The good thing about prize raffles is that you can sell the raffle tickets in advance because the winner doesn’t have to be present to win.

Obviously, the better the prizes are, the more tickets you’ll sell and the more money your raffle will raise. You can offer raffle tickets for sale in multiple ways: through local businesses, through direct sales to family and friends of participants, and through sales to the general public. For more raffle tips, please check out these articles on fundraising with raffles.

Silent Auction
Silent auctions are another great way to raise money at any event. Just like with the prize raffle above, you get donated items from local merchants and other supporters and then auction them off to the highest bidder. There’s a whole art to getting donations of items and setting up your silent auction to get the highest possible bids for every item.

Personal Pledges
Another mainstay of charity event fundraising events is for participants to get a certain amount of personal pledges in order to participate in the sporting event. Depending on the event, this amount can range from $50 all the way up into the thousands for huge challenge fundraisers. The world record for personal pledges raised for event participation was set by Steve Chalke, a participant in the 2011 London Marathon who gathered sponsorship pledges totaling $3.8 million dollars.

For a team paintball fundraiser, $50 worth of pledges is a reasonable target that could help your event raise quite a bit more than it ordinarily would.

Pizza Discount Cards
An easy way to fundraise for any event or cause is to sell fundraising discount cards from a pizza chain like Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars. In bulk, these 2-for-1 pizza discount cards cost about $2 and sell for $10. These are really easy to sell because they offer such a great value and with an $8 profit on each card, they’ll help you raise a lot of money fast.

Food & Drink Sales
In any type of team sports tournament, there is a lot of waiting around for your next game. Selling food and drinks to competitors and fans is another good way to raise money at these types of events. Not every locale will allow you to sell food and drinks, but there is always a good markup on these items.

Alternatively, you can bring in outside vendors with food trucks, hot dog stands, ice cream, etc. Charge them a fee or take a cut of the sales. Either way, its another way to bring in more money for your cause.

Prize Money
Offering prize money doesn’t seem like an obvious fundraiser, but it is because that will make your event a bigger draw. More competing teams means more participants, supporters and fans. And that means you’ll raise more money with your paintball fundraiser.

Team Sponsors
Having teams get businesses to sponsor them in your tournament is another good way to boost your fundraiser event’s bottom line. It works similarly to getting personal pledges, just on a larger scale. Be flexible in what you ask for in the way of team sponsorships because money isn’t everything.

For example, a brewery sponsoring a team may donate goods or services in lieu of dollars. The same goes for any other type of business sponsorship. Anything that helps raise money, draw more fans, increase the fun level, or add value to your event is a positive thing.

Event Sponsors
Getting corporate sponsorships for your event is what separates big fundraisers from small ones. You have to approach businesses that have an affinity with your type of event and a synergy with your participant and supporter base. You need to use professional marketing presentations which show a company exactly what their sponsorship dollars are buying.

Think in terms of win/win or “What’s In It for Me?” Obviously, the bigger your event, the more likely a company will want to be a sponsor. For more on how to do this, here’s an in-depth article on how to get corporate sponsorships.

So, those some of the best ways to raise money at your paintball fundraiser event. Remember that some of the biggest fundraising events started small and gained momentum each year by building on previous successes. Concentrate on making it fun for everyone and you’ll do fine with your fundraising event.