Over The Edge Fundraiser

Talk about an awesome fundraising challenge! An Over The Edge fundraiser means rappelling down the side of a skyscraper to raise money for your cause. If you are scared of heights like I am, then your knees are getting a little weak as you read this.

Over The Edge Fundraiser

Many Special Olympics groups and Boy Scout groups do an Over The Edge fundraiser in their city each year. Each participant must raise at least $1,000 to be able to go “over the edge” as a reward.

If this seems like a unique fundraising idea that you might want to try, here’s some good news. There’s actually a special events company called Over The Edge USA that provides everything you need for this extreme fundraising event.

Over The Edge fundraiser – The view down

The Over The Edge Team will handle all the technical aspects including:

  1. Event planning
  2. Legal contracts
  3. Insurance coverage
  4. Rappelling equipment
  5. Safety training
  6. Technical team

That means that all that your non-profit group needs to do is publicize your fundraising event, recruit willing participants, and help them raise funds. The Over The Edge team even supplies a Best Practices Manual covering those areas.

These extreme fundraisers attract a lot of publicity on their own, but its always a good idea to invite local news and radio personalities to participate. You can imagine how much free publicity you’ll be getting when TV stations start showing promo videos about what their news anchor, weather person, or roving reporter are about to do – Go over the edge from atop a skyscraper!

One of the fundraising tools they recommend is setting up a group fundraising page at First Giving and then each participant has an individual fundraising page on the site that’s linked to the event page.

It’s important to note that each group that signs up with Over The Edge gets exclusive territory rights to that event. So, before you start practicing your rappelling skills you should check their site for availability in your city.

Don’t look down – I’m going over the edge!

Follow the usual best practices for getting media coverage anyway with advance and followup press releases, pictures, video clips, etc. And don’t forget your fundraising event social media publicity tips! Setup a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, Google+ it, Yelp about it, contact local bloggers, etc.

For individual fundraising, put together a nice color poster that can be displayed by local businesses that are sponsoring a participant. All in all, an Over The Edge fundraiser is an event that participants will remember forever.

And, almost every Over The Edge fundraising event raises well over $100,000 for the sponsoring non-profit organization. So get busy and try not to get dizzy when you look down from atop a skyscraper!