Oscar Party Fundraiser Ideas

Fun fundraising events draw big crowds, so check out these Oscar party fundraiser ideas on using some Hollywood glamor to help your group raise more funds. Leverage the star power of Hollywood’s Oscar night and roll out the red carpet for this charity event fundraiser. Think big party for a big cause and I mean the bigger, the better for fundraising purposes.

The best fundraiser ideas for an Oscar party revolve around duplicating the ambiance of Hollywood with everyone dressed to the nines, arriving in limos and getting the whole red carpet experience upon arrival. You include photographers taking pictures of everyone as they arrive and then offer additional portrait settings like a giant Oscar statue. You can also provide a green screen backdrop and then Photoshop the glamorous couple into photos with the Hollywood elite.

And of course, you’ll need a ritzy location to hold your event – the more glamorous on a local level, the better the turnout. There are multiple ways to raise funds for your cause with this type of huge charity event. Here’s a quick list of Oscar party fundraiser ideas:

  1. Corporate sponsorships – Get creative and look for all the possible tie-ins.
  2. Hosted bars – Get beer, wine, and liquor companies to host the bars at your Oscar Night event.
  3. Hosted chef stations – Get the top restaurants to provide their choicest tidbits for your celebrity crowd.
  4. Swag bags – Who doesn’t want a swag bag full of the best personal care items?
  5. Live auction – Auction off dream prizes like Hollywood memorabilia, vacation trips, restaurant packages, etc. Use a professional auctioneer.
  6. Silent auctions – Position tables packed with smaller gift baskets, spa packages, etc. where they’ll get a lot of bids.
  7. Impact auction – People always forget this, but its one of the best fundraiser ideas. Basically, all bids are accepted at each price point as donations to the cause.
  8. Door prize raffle – The more things you include with the initial ticket, the higher the value and the more you can charge. Think $100 and up per person.
  9. Reverse raffle – Be sure to do a cash raffle where the last number drawn gets the big cash prize because it keeps everyone focused on the emcee and auctioneer.
  10. High-end raffle – Offer a fabulous prize with an extremely limited number of very expensive tickets. Think exotic prize and 100 raffle tickets at $1,000 each.

The whole idea is to make your Oscar Night charity event the grandest night of the year – literally the “see and be seen” social outing of the year. Arrange for special deals for your attendees on limousine service, hair salons, dresses, jewelery, etc. – all included in the price of the ticket.

And that’s our list of Oscar party fundraiser ideas.