Online Fundraiser Ideas

Many groups are searching for easy fundraisers that they can do online using their own or a supplier’s website. Here are some online fundraiser ideas to consider that will work for your group.

Easy Fundraisers Using The Internet

Affiliate Marketing Fundraiser – New online fundraiser promoting consumer offers from great companies – Raise funds fast with an affiliate marketing fundraiser featuring Blockbuster, Columbia House and Sirius radio.

Magazine Fundraiser – Raising funds by offering discount magazine subscriptions online – Easy magazine fundraiser is a win/win for groups and their supporters.

Cell Phone Fundraiser – Tips on doing a cell phone fundraiser to raise funds for your group – How to get more cellphone donations to your cell phone fund raiser.

Credit Card Fundraiser – Raise funds online with a credit card fundraiser – Online fundraiser tips for credit card fundraising through signups or affinity cards.

Online Fundraising Tips – Tips for using online fundraising activities to replace traditional product fundraisers.

Scrip Fundraising – Using sales of discounted gift certificates to raise funds for your school or youth group.

Promoting Scrip Fundraisers – How to go about successfully promoting your scrip fundraiser – Tips on maximizing your results with this easy fundraiser.

Promo Fundraising – If you are looking for easy fundraisers, try the new promo fundraising approach – Raise funds by offering discounts on popular goods and services.

Cookbook Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for churches and nonprofit groups – How a cookbook fundraiser can help your church raise funds.

Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser – Putting together a nonprofit eBay fundraiser – How eBay’s Giving Works program can help your nonprofit group raise funds fast.

Six Fundraising Ideas For 2006 – Tips to improve fund raising results at your non-profit organization in 2006 or really anytime, including several Internet-related activities.

Internet Fund Raising – Tony Poderis on the pros and cons of non-profit Internet fundraising.

Magazine Fundraiser Tips – Quick tips on selling magazine subscriptions online to raise funds for your group – How to run a successful magazine fundraiser.

Accept Credit Card Donations – Top three ways to accept credit card donations online – How to choose a merchant account when you outgrow outsourced solutions.

Internet Fundraising – Three examples of Internet websites – SolvePoverty, SmartMall, and PermaWorld.

Political Fundraising Online – Effective ways for political candidates to leverage the power of the Internet to win an election at the local, State, or national level.

Online Fundraising – Ten ways to build your donor list through email and other online fundraising strategies.

Email Fundraising – How to inspire your email fundraising readers to go online and donate to your group.