Online Charity Bingo Working Well In The UK

With online charity bingo working well in the UK, it might be time for U.S. lawmakers to revisit the laws banning all forms of gambling online. Charity bingo has traditionally been associated with churches in the U.S., but many other non-profits have found it a fun way to raise considerable amounts of money.

Online charity bingo website

Over the years, we’ve seen other forms of traditional gambling like playing the numbers and various poker games become legitimate fundraising tools. Many states now have lottery games where people can play their favorite numbers and a large percentage of the revenue goes to support education or other worthy causes. Charity poker games and Casino Night fundraiser events are also very popular with nonprofit organizations.

However, the federal government has steadfastly maintained their position that all forms of online gambling are rife with peril for Americans and therefore must remain banned.

So, how is online charity bingo working out for the UK? Well, playing bingo online is extremely popular in the UK with more than 3.5 million people participating in 2012. So, charity groups have figured out that this can be an excellent source of revenue in support of various causes, so they have formed partnerships with some online gaming companies.

For example, Just Giving is a website that allows individuals and groups to raise money online for their cause by creating an individual or group fundraising page. Just Giving has partnered with to allow online bingo fans to designate any of Just Giving’s 8,000 fundraisers to receive 75% of their bingo deposits.

Its a win/win situation because the bingo players get full credit for their deposits into their accounts and their designated charity gets 75% of the money. Players can also donate a portion of their winnings, but are not required to do so.

Obviously, the UK authorities don’t see any problem with this, so why do the lawmakers in Washington continue to regard Americans as desperately in need of protection from the scourge of online bingo?