Not Your Ordinary Fundraising Idea

When it comes to traditional fundraising campaigns their are literally thousands of ideas that organizations seeking to start a program can utilize. Traditional fundraising has always been to present the program, get groups to sign up, and get patrons to purchase the product.

But, with the advent of the Internet, many such programs that have been a traditional face-to-face method have become more updated and accessible and even more creative. Even though the means has changed, the methods have not. Their are several key aspects in a solid, profitable, and mutually beneficial fundraising program that have not changed over time.

First, The program has to be easy to understand.

Those who would demonstrate the program not only have to be trained, but they have to demonstrate the program with ease. A program should not be complicated when the main objective is to gain positive revenue results. The better the prospect understands, the better the likelihood that the product will be sold.

Second, Profitability.

Any program, whether its a food drive, Girl Scouts, or casino night at the local church, they are in the “business” to make money.

Their is one other dimension here, their has to be a fast turnaround in revenue earning. Not many programs realize a fast turnaround in their sales objectives. Some programs may take anywhere from 6 months to a year maybe more. It all depends upon the marketing mix of production, packaging, pricing, and the most important promotion.

The program chosen also plays a factor. Salable.

Uniqueness is good in a product, but the true test of a product is its performance in the marketplace. A product that is unique may not sell well if its not like by those who are considering its purchase. On the other hand, its uniqueness may set it apart and it may realize its own niche. Products that have been around have made themselves known to the public and have attained a niche that they are unforgettable.

The International House Of Coffee Inc., is one of the fastest growing new companies of this century. Their current success and future successes are based off old fashioned values.

They believe the customer comes first. An important part of the International House Of Coffee(IHOC) is its desire to give back to the community.

They offer a wonderful fundraiser for schools, religious organizations, youth sports teams, etc. They also sponsor some of the major Non Profits that benefit the community interests as well as global interests. Their fundraising program has been designed very carefully to ensure success for any organization.

They offer free shipping, attractive order forms, informative guidelines, and most important, high quality products that are consumed by over 89% of all adults worldwide. These benefits guarantee an easy sale.

Most fundraising opportunities blind you with high profit margins and offer a sub standard product that people don’t really want to purchase. They offer a product line that everyone is happy with. Not only do they offer the best selling coffees, they offer teas, chocolates and candles.

They want to make sure they have something for everyone in their product offering. Their new program, E-IHOC can be done alone or with their traditional program.

They issue an organization a “coupon code number” that can be distributed to their patrons,clients, or members, etc. They will be invited to visit the IHOC on the internet.

When they visit the store they can buy any of the products listed on the “fundraising section”. Whomever the organization advertises this “coupon code number” to, they will be able to use it over and over til the expiration date.

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