Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits - How To Fundraise For Nonprofit Groups

Fundraising ideas for nonprofits covering how to increase donations, get more volunteers, major donor efforts, newsletters, grant writing, and donation request letters.

Discover how to fundraise for nonprofit groups through fundraising events, silent auctions, fundraising letters and donation appeals.

Learn how to attract the largest possible audience to your charity event, why you should use four different types of auctions, and how to raise the most money with less work.

Learn easy ways to boost donations with your next appeal letter by using storytelling and attention getting headlines. Find out why you always need to provide a prepaid return envelope and offer multiple ways to donate online.

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

You should always include a prominent "Donate Now" button in the upper right corner of your website and all your social media pages. Your "Donate Now" button should provide the easiest possible way to donate funds with the least possible effort.

Offer simple donation amounts along with an option for recurring monthly donations. Be sure to require an email address so you can thank them for their donation and send them a monthly progress newsletter.

Check out the articles below for more nonprofit fundraising ideas.

Non-profit Fund Raising Advice

Articles on fund raising packed with great tips for getting publicity, recruiting volunteers, and more. Lots of how-to information and fund raising tips. Includes several guest articles on raising money for nonprofit capital campaigns.Fund Raising Management – How to organize your fund raising capital campaign. Tips on maximizing capital campaign contributions through proper fundraising management.Planning […]

Nonprofit Fundraising Resource Links

This page is a collection nonprofit resources links that I’ve found helpful in my own research.Non-profit WebsitesAAFRC – American Association of Fundraising Counsel supports its members who meet the highest ethical standards in the nonprofit fund raising market….AFRDS – Association of Fund Raising Distributors & SuppliersCharity Village – Canada’s supersite for the nonprofit sector, with thousands of pages of news, jobs, […]

Advice For Capital Campaigns

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Capital Campaign Strategies

Here you will find capital campaign strategies and tips specifically for non-profit fundraising. These fundraising articles feature how-to tips and techniques for running a profitable capital campaign can get you started on your mission.Whether you are raising funds for a cause like cancer research, or supplementing your church’s building fund, sometimes discovering what you don’t […]