Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser

Another unique way for nonprofit groups to raise funds is by selling items on eBay. The world’s largest auction marketplace has some special guidelines for nonprofits to follow. Here is the low-down on starting your Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser.

Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser Auction

The program is called eBay Giving Works. There are two different fundraising approaches for nonprofits on eBay – direct sales of auction items by the nonprofit group or through Community Selling. In Community Selling, an eBay seller donates a portion of the auction proceeds to a specific nonprofit organization.

Direct sales
This approach is straightforward. You can sell just about anything on eBay including items that have been donated to your group. So, you can setup a regular process to list items for sale every week or just do monthly or quarterly auctions.

To get started, you must register with eBay by completing a simple online form and get an eBay seller ID. Click here to Register with eBay.

All funds from your own direct auction sales come directly to your nonprofit as specified in your seller account setup. Net proceeds from each auction come through PayPal or if you wish, a check or money order is mailed by the winning bidder.

eBay Giving Works
To be included in eBay’s Giving Works program, you’ll need to verify your nonprofit status with MissionFish, eBay’s nonprofit partner.

Details are on the site, but you’ll be asked to provide a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter or other proof of tax-deductibility. You’ll also need to send in a voided bank check to setup your monthly electronic funds transfer of donations raised from Community Selling.

MissionFish’s support also includes a listing in the nonprofit directory for eBay Giving Works, collecting and disbursing sellers’ donations, providing sellers with tax receipts, and tracking donations online.

Community Selling
Using the Community Selling approach, anyone can sell items on eBay and designate your group to receive anywhere from 10% to 100% of the net auction proceeds.

This works great if you have a diverse group of supporters spread over a large geography. Simply register your nonprofit, as mentioned above, and then ask your supporters for help by auctioning items on eBay.

Many times people have gifts they received, but have never used, or used items they’d like to get rid of. They can sell the items via the auction process and share some of the proceeds with your nonprofit.

Be sure to provide them with instructions on how the process works and include links to the eBay nonprofit FAQ page for additional details.

It’s easy to sell anything on eBay. You just need something to sell and a digital camera to take pictures of it for your auction listing. Include a detailed description of the item, set your minimum price, and you’re good to go.

Once the auction closes, collect payment from the seller, usually via eBay’s PayPal subsidiary, and then ship the item. Repeat the process as often as possible.

Help your group out today by starting your own nonprofit eBay fundraiser!