Non-Profit Fundraising Advice

Here are some resources for non-profit fund raising activities, online fundraising tips, and website design advice. Non-profits face a bigger challenge raising necessary funds every year and these are some of our best articles.

Nonprofit fundraising takes teamwork

Non-Profit Resources

Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser – Putting together a nonprofit eBay fundraiser – How eBay’s Giving Works program can help your nonprofit group raise funds fast.

Non-profit Mistakes – Judith Rothbaum on how to avoid three common mistakes at your nonprofit organization – Know your donors and make sure they know your non-profit group well.

Nonprofit Fundraising Relationships – The importance of managing donor relationships in nonprofit fundraising – How to keep your donors engaged for repeat donations.

Nonprofit Fundraisers – Why some fundraisers might not actually be raising funds for your nonprofit – What to focus on when raising funds at your nonprofit.

Online Fundraising – Ten ways to build your donor list through email and other online fundraising strategies.

Email Fundraising – How to inspire your email fundraising readers to go online and donate to your non-profit organization.

Organizing Charity Events – Advice on how to organize a special charity event for your nonprofit – Organizational tips and planning suggestions.

Non-profit Organizations Fundraising – Basic strategy advice on fundraising for non-profit organizations – How to information on capital campaigns and charity events.

Six Fundraising Ideas For 2006 – Tips to improve fund raising results at your non-profit organization in 2006 and beyond.

Charity Fundraising – Overview of a dozen charity fundraising methods – Common mistakes nonprofit groups make when asking for donations.

Mission Statement For Fundraiser – How to create a mission statement for a non-profit organization.

Non-profits Bad Reputation – According to a 2006 Harris Poll, one-third of American adults think non-profits are headed in the wrong direction.

Fundraising Management – Tips on maximizing capital campaign contributions through proper management.

Nonprofit Website SEO – How to improve your nonprofit website to attract more visitors, build your donor base, and get your message to a larger audience.

Non-profit Website Design – Advice on the best non-profit website design for raising funds – To attract and retain supporters your site should have a strong outreach intent.

Internet Fund Raising – Tony Poderis on the pros and cons of non-profit Internet fundraising.

What’s In It For Me – To succeed, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”