Nickel News

Nickel News

Supplier: Nickel News
Phone: (209) 529-6310
Fax: (209) 529-6307

Address: PO Box 577015
City: Modesto
State: CA
Zip: 95357

Description: Our unique newslesspaper fundraiser for non-profits, which can generate ongoing revenue, help find new sponsors and create visibility in the local community.

We publish a weekly newslesspaper, called Nickel News, for your community full of fun and inspiring content, but without any of the advertising.

Your organization obtains sponsors and donors and offers them advertising space in Nickel News as a premium for their contribution. Our Success Manual will help walk you through the process, making it safe, easy and worry-free.

We build all of the ads. Each week, we layout and produce Nickel News with the ads from your donors and sponsors. We then send you a master copy suitable for printing.

Your organization prints the paper locally and distributes it weekly in coffee shops, restaurants, and waiting areas. Our Success Manual offers tips on finding low cost printing, and makes finding distribution points easy.

Your organization keeps all of the sponsorship revenue and pays us a small production fee. Nickel News requires no up front investment to start, in fact, we’ll make an investment in you before you even spend a nickel.

Product Lines: Newspaper

Terms: Prepay

Notes: Involves selling ads and distributing a newsletter 52 weeks a year.

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