Mud Run Fundraiser

A nice twist on the usual 5k run/walk fundraising event idea is to add water and make your event into a mud run fundraiser. Making it an extreme mud run type of event adds a unique flavor and turns it into more of a fundraising challenge that people want to do with their friends.

A mud run fundraiser is fun!

To attract media attention, give your mud run a catchy name like Run Amuck, Get Down and Dirty, Muddy Buddy Run, Mud-A-Palooza, Mud Sweat & Beers, or Dirtiest Fundraiser Ever! The whole idea is to make your fundraiser event uniquely fun and memorable because that’s what draws a big crowd.

After all, how many other 5k run/walk events are even memorable at all? So, once you’ve decided to be different, how do you raise money by getting people to crawl through the mud? Here’s a quick guide to maximizing the funds raised at your mud run fundraising event.

  1. Entry Fees – Your entry fees should easily cover all costs associated with putting on the event
  2. Fundraising Challenges – Set challenges for top individual fundraiser and top team with the most pledges. Follow the Relay For Life method of maximizing the competition between teams.
  3. Raffles – Everyone loves a chance to win something, even just a door prize. Use several different types of raffles to raise money by raffling off donated goods and services. Offer a raffle ticket bundle that provides discounted entries for all the raffles.
  4. Team Competitions – By including team competitions, you broaden the scope of your event. Offer prizes for best team fundraising, best team finish, most creative, largest, dirtiest, best team name, etc. Hold your prize ceremony after everyone has completed the mud run so that people stick around.
  5. Eating Contests – One of the best ways to raise more money is to get the spectators involved. Use creative ideas to keep everyone staying longer, such as competitive eating contests (mud pies anyone?) and other fun activities.
  6. Fun Spectator Activities – Games of chance like a beanbag toss for prizes are easy to do, Create a huge mud puddle for funny photo ops. Let spectators blast runners with Super Soaker squirt guns. Include some food competitions like a chili cookoff or BBQ competition.
  7. Corporate Sponsors – Large events can raise large amounts through corporate sponsorships. The key is to use written proposals showing exactly what’s in it for them with demographics, expected attendance, cost/benefit levels, and all the other things that companies want to know before approving a sponsorship.
Mud run competitor

Don’t forget to use traditional publicity methods for getting media coverage as well as social media publicity like Facebook and Twitter. Newspaper, TV and radio exposure can all help you gain valuable support for your cause and event.

The more fun your mud run fundraiser is, the more funds you’ll raise!