Mobile Fundraising For Nonprofits

Does your non-profit organization want to raise more money online? Focus on improving your mobile fundraising by making it faster and easier to get donations with better mobile forms.

10 easy ways to improve mobile fundraising for nonprofits:

  1. Streamline mobile giving
  2. Offer recurring donation options
  3. Promote mobile-friendly event registration
  4. Use easily customizable payment forms
  5. Organize volunteer signups with mobile forms and text messages
  6. Use Facebook Donate Now button & link to mobile-friendly form
  7. Survey your donor base with a quick mobile form
  8. Encourage membership signup with annual dues
  9. Engage supporters with mobile-friendly petitions
  10. Include workplace giving signups in your mobile forms

MobileCause does a great job helping nonprofits improve their mobile fundraising with easily customizable mobile forms. Always use mobile donation forms with only the minimum required fields needed to process the transaction.

Here is an informative mobile fundraising infographic from MobileCause entitled:

The Top 10 Ways Mobile-friendly Online Forms Supercharge Nonprofits

More Mobile Fundraising Tips For Nonprofits

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