Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Another good fundraising product idea for small groups  or schools is doing a mixed bag fundraiser through Mixed Bag Designs. Their fundraising bags are high quality, come in a wide variety of patterns, plus they can hold a whopping 50 to  60 pounds of whatever you need or want to carry.

Mixed bag fundraiser styles

Mixed Bag fundraisers offer a 50% profit margin and has lots of different styles including:

  1. Storage bags
  2. Travel sets
  3. Reusable lunch bags
  4. iPhone cases
  5. Tablet cases
  6. Gift bags
  7. Backpacks
  8. Tote bags
  9. Grocery bags
  10. Handbags

They have a new Spring and Fall catalog each year, so schools and other groups will always have the latest styles to offer. Their bags are available in two materials, a recyclable bag made from made from woven polypropylene or fabric totes made from either organic cotton and a poly nylon fabric.

Your group can do a catalog sale with 50% profit where each seller’s orders are grouped together for easy delivery. Or, you can also offer online orders with direct shipping to the customer and receive a 40% profit margin.

As far as mixed bag fundraiser reviews go, they have a lot of powerful testimonials from happy groups including schools, cheerleading squads, youth sports teams, and church youth groups.

  1. Many school fundraisers reported profits of $10,000 or more
  2. A Drill Team of 63 members profited over $11,000
  3. A s15 member soccer team raised over $3,000
  4. A “green” club of 20 students sold over 350 bags

Mixed Bag Designs has local reps to assist groups with their fundraisers. Plus, groups can order sample bags at very low prices so they can show supporters how colorful the designs are and get more orders.

Their marketing tools for fundraising include:

  1. High-quality color catalogs
  2. Ready-to-print cover letters
  3. Signs and banners
  4. Phone call scripts
  5. Sales emails you can copy & paste
  6. Facebook marketing tips

Mixed Bag Designs also goes the extra mile with great customer service. Customers whose product has sold out receive a gift certificate for the the full amount of their purchase AND a free bag!

If you are looking for something different for your next fundraising product, a mixed bag fundraiser is a great choice.