Middle School Fundraisers

Fundraising ideas that apply to middle school fundraisers. In some states, middle schools (grades 6-8) are also referred to as junior high school (grades 7-9). For easier searching, I’ve grouped the middle school/junior high school fundraiser articles into these categories: product sales, event ideas, and extra profit/how-to tips.

One of the things to consider when selecting a middle school fundraiser is that students this age like to have fun and aren’t usually too keen on doing product sales. So, you want to pick things that they will want to do naturally, not be forced into doing or just avoiding participating in fundraising altogether.

So make your fundraising fun and you’ll get a lot more kids participating.

Another good idea is combining a product sale with an event. Think fundraising bracelets for sports team supporters or selling pizza discount cards at sporting events.

Fundraisers For Middle Schools

Middle School Fundraising Products

Candle Fundraiser – Five ways to maximize your candle fundraiser profits – Candle fundraising tips that really work to double or triple your results. This is an easy brochure sale for school clubs to do.

Fundraisers For Cheerleaders – Ten ideas for fundraisers for cheerleaders – Five cheer fundraisers with products and five event ideas for cheerleading fundraising success. Cheerleading groups always need to raise funds for competitions and these ideas are proven winners.

Pizza Hut Fundraiser – Raise funds fast with a Pizza Hut fundraiser – Choose between sales of a $10 pizza discount card with two-for-one pizzas or host a Pizza Night at your local Pizza Hut. Teenagers love pizza, so this one is a natural fr middle schools. The Pizza Night gives your school 15% to 20% of the sales attributed to your group while the 2-for-1 pizza discount card is popular with parents.

Custom Silicone Bracelets – Selling fundraiser bracelets is a great way to support your cause – Custom silicone bracelets are an attractive way to raise funds and show you care. Create ones with school name, mascot or sports team names. Also works well for cause-related fund raising.

Cell Phone Fundraiser – Tips on doing a cell phone fundraiser to raise funds for your group – How to get more cellphone donations to your cell phone fund raiser. Recycling electronic products is a great year-round fundraiser activity for middle schools because it teaches responsible behavior and seeing the value in disposing of used electronics in a responsible manner.

Seasonal Fundraisers – Ten ideas for high-demand seasonal products to sell for your next group fundraiser – Raise more funds by selling what people already want to buy. These are great products for school clubs, cheerleaders, or sports teams to offer because they have built-in demand. Think flower bulbs in the Spring, pumpkins in the fall, holiday wreathes or citrus fruit in the Winter.

Jamba Juice Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for schools focused on Jamba Juice – How to put together your own Jamba Juice fundraiser. You can have Jamba Juice Days at your school where they come and set up a tent where they offer their drinks to the students. Similar to a restaurant fundraiser, the school gets a percentage of the sale. Lots of schools have these on a weekly or monthly basis. They will also do the same thing for large events at your school.

For Your School Fundraising – A fun way to do a little extra fundraising for your school – Here’s another idea to consider as a Friday or monthly fundraiser.

Pizza Fundraiser – Easy moneymaker in three different formats makes a good school fundraiser.

Fundraising Discount Cards – Sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, pizza, or fast food deals. These things sell like proverbial hotcakes because they are such a good deal. Available for Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and selected Little Caesars locations.

Magazine Fundraiser – Raising funds by offering discount magazine subscriptions online – Easy magazine fundraiser is a win/win for groups and their supporters. Another one that’s good for school groups because you can do online sales.

Fruit Fundraiser – Raising funds selling citrus fruit and related fundraising products – Fresh fruit fundraiser ideas for your group. Great for the middle school band!

Middle School Fundraising Event Ideas

Dance Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for using a dance fundraiser concept – Great fundraising event for middle schools and high schools. Kids love these fun activities!

Karaoke Fundraiser – How to ride the American Idol craze with a karaoke fundraiser – No talent required and not a lot of effort needed to organize this fundraising event.

Fundraiser Raffle Ideas – Tips on putting together fundraising raffles – Fundraiser raffle ideas for any size group – Prize selection and ticket price tips. There are so many different ways you can do raffles and they always produce great results. Cash raffles are easy to do because the ticket sales produce the prize money

Lip Sync Fundraiser – Doing a lip sync fundraiser is an easy way to raise funds for your school – No talent required for this fun school fundraiser. Middle school kids love this one because nobody makes fun of your singing and they can perform group numbers with their friends.

Gardening Supplies Fundraiser – A home & garden fundraising event is a big moneymaker – How to put together a gardening supplies fundraiser for your group. This event is great for a Saturday event in the school parking lot in the Springtime. Involve some local merchants like mulch delivery services, pine straw suppliers, yard services and you’ll raise lots more funds.

Cow Chip Fundraiser – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money. Nice family fun event with live music, barbecue contest, chili cook-off, eating contests and more.

Middle School Fundraiser Sales & Profit Tips

Selling Raffle Tickets – Advice on selling raffle tickets – How to sell twice as many raffle tickets in half the time. Raffles are great fundraisers for middle schools and this article explains how to sell lots more tickets so you make lots more profit.

Silent Auction Tips – How to advice for improving results from your silent auction – Tips for auction success at your next fundraising event. Silent auctions are one of the biggest fundraising activities at any event, so this article explains how to get more out of your auction efforts.

Fundraising Tips – Five easy ways to increase your fund raising profits with no extra work.

Merchant Plan – How to put together a successful merchant plan for long-term fundraising success. Use your merchant plan to get more donations for silent auction items with a win-win approach.

Fundraising Publicity Tips – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful event fundraising. How to get the word out for your event so you’ll raise more funds.

Good luck with your middle school fundraisers!