Matchmaking Fundraiser For Schools

Another fun school fundraiser idea is to do a matchmaking fundraiser. Students complete a fun and entertaining questionnaire, then receive computer-generated results of their best friendship matches.

Matchmaking Fundraiser

A matchmaking fundraiser works great for middle schools, junior high, and high schools. Profit margins are 50% and the cost to the students is a very reasonable $2 each.

There are two different versions: one for the younger students and a flirtier one for older teens that makes an easy high school fundraiser.

Completed questionnaires can be mailed, faxed, or scanned and sent to the supplier. There is no upfront charge for doing the matchmaking fundraiser.

All promotional materials and questionnaires are supplied, so this is one of the easiest school fundraiser ideas to put into action.

Most importantly, your school group pays only for the number of sold results.

Because the cost is low and the fundraiser is fun, most students do end up purchasing their results.

Students receive a fun list of their best matches:

  • Top friend matches
  • Best matches in their grade
  • Best matches in other grades
  • Most ridiculously opposite matches in their grade
  • Most ridiculously opposite matches in other grades
  • Celebrity matches
  • Most astrologically compatible matches
  • Random matches
  • Would You Rather

The computer-generated matchmaking lists include:

  • The # of people matched with
  • The # of people with the same first name, last name
  • Most popular first name, last name
  • The # of people with the same birthday, birth month, birth date
  • Most popular birth month, birth day, birth year
  • Most compatible couples in their grade
  • Most compatible friends in their grade
School Matchmaking Fundraiser Sample Results

The matchmaking fundraiser also provides fun school-wide stats on:

  • Most likely to be President
  • Most likely to become a Billionaire
  • Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Most likely to win an Academy Award
  • Most likely to be the Next Idol
  • Most likely to become the Next Top Model
  • Most likely to conquer the Amazing Race
  • Most likely to win MVP of the NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL
  • Most likely to win Project Runway
  • Most likely to end up on TMZ

After the questionnaires are processed, the completed printouts are sent to your school. The matchmaking results are pre-sorted by grade level and then alphabetized by the students last name. That makes this an easy school fundraiser to run, regardless of the size of the school.

Find out more about this fun and easy school fundraiser idea at iFluRtz, which has processed over 25 million matchmaking questionnaires for schools all across the country.