Magic Show Fundraiser

Another fun fundraising event idea is to put together a magic show fundraiser to raise funds for your cause. Your magic show event can be anything you want it to be from a small talent show for amateurs to a large-scale show featuring professional magicians.

Magic show fundraiser captivates the crowd

The whole idea with a magic show is that’s its infinitely flexible in size, format, and stage presentation. What you want to do is to make it as fun as possible for your audience because that’s what makes a great fundraising event that can be repeated year after year.

Magic Show Themes

  1. Talent Show – Straightforward approach to give everyone who enters some stage time. Put your best on last.
  2. Professional Entertainment – Hiring professional entertainment allows you to create a large-scale event and raise more funds.
  3. Amateur Night – You can do a “Gong Show” approach or make it warm and welcoming for all comers.
  4. Magic Lessons – A skill learning event can still be lots of fun. Many people would love to learn how to do some simple magic tricks.
  5. Audience Participation – Getting the audience involved is great fun. After all, who doesn’t want to be saw in half?
  6. Magic & Hypnosis – A very funny one-two combination that will have your audience roaring with laughter and gasping in surprise.
  7. Weird Science – Fun Eighties movie theme approach where she blinded me with science. Include an Eighties costume contest for more fun.

Magic Show Fund Raising

  1. Ticket Sales – Discount advance tickets to get people committed to attend. Sell tickets at multiple retail outlets. Use for online ticket sales and social media publicity.
  2. Silent Auction – Use colorful themed tables, stagger closing times, have emcee urge bidding, and use our silent auction request letter template to get more donated goods and services.
  3. Live Auction – For big events, using a professional auctioneer to handle your live auction will double or triple your fundraising results.
  4. Raffles – Use multiple raffle formats, sell discounted bundles of raffle tickets, include door prize raffle entry with event ticket, cover all price ranges.
  5. Lessons – Offer lessons for sale to aspiring magicians. You can also sell or auction off lessons from other professionals.
  6. Photo Ops – Everyone loves a great photo, so use magic props as photo backdrops and sell professionally taken photo packages.
  7. Food & Beverage Sales – The larger the event, the more money you can raise with food and beverage sales. You can even include “tastings” as part of your event, i.e. craft beer, wine, gourmet desserts, etc.

Magic shows are great fun entertainment. Doing one as a fundraiser is definitely a great way to raise funds. Just be careful when the magician pulls the bunny out of the hat!