Easy Magazine Fundraiser

If you are a team, school, or club looking for a good way to raise money, selling magazine subscriptions can be a great fundraising idea. There are many different groups that offer fundraising campaigns that include magazine subscription sales. Here are some things to keep in mind – Magazine Fundraiser Tips:

Magazine Subscriptions: Raise Funds Fast

To choose the one that best fits your needs, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you get involved with a fundraising company.

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First, look at the basics. These are the kinds of things you would consider for any company that you would be doing any kind of business with.

  • Can you get a hold of them easily if you have a problem?
  • Are their customer service representatives friendly and helpful?
  • Are they local, and if not, will that make it more complicated to reach them?

Keep in mind who is going to be doing the selling. If your group is largely made up of children, companies that have easy to use systems are going to be the best way to go. Materials should be easy to read and orders easy to fill out.

Also, find out if the company has incentive programs for top sellers and if they provide the incentives for free, or if they come out of your profits. Also find out what the incentives are and make sure they are things your sellers will really want to work for.

Also think about your audience. Your customers are likely predominately your friends, families, and neighbors. You want to make sure you are selling high quality merchandise.

Having to deal with unsatisfied customers once they receive their products will make it more likely that you will get a “no” the next time you come asking. If you are going to be selling magazine subscriptions, make sure the company you work with has the most popular titles among the groups on whose doors you’ll be knocking.

Last, but certainly not least, you want to find out how much of a cut they are taking. Obviously, this is a business for them and way to make a living, but you want to get the most bang for your buck too, or in this case, your time spent participating in the fundraiser.

Look at the size of your group and the other constraints on their time (such as school, work, practices, etc.).

Keep these few guidelines in mind and you are much more likely to have a successful fundraiser.