Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Another great fundraising party theme is hosting a luau fundraiser to raise funds for your cause. A luau-themed fundraiser is great for small groups because its easy to put together and can be held in a variety of settings ranging from a community pool to a large indoor event space.

You can make your luau party fundraiser event as large or as intimate as you like and still do a great job of raising money for your group. Of course, the amount raised will be proportionate to the number of attendees, but there are many ways that you can increase the amount you raise with any type of fundraising event.

Hawaiian Luau Fundraiser Ideas

First of all, you have to make your fundraising event as fun as possible because that is what will draw the biggest crowd and help you raise the most money. Obviously, with a luau-themed fundraiser the emphasis should be on making it a fun party with a Hawaiian-style buffet and hula dance lessons. Add in some beach music and margarita tastings and you’ve got the basics in place.

With any type of fundraiser event, there are always 7 main ways to raise funds no matter how large or small the gathering.

  1. Ticket Sales – Selling admission tickets is always a good idea because it gets people committed to attending and brings in upfront money to cover the cost of the event. Have group members sell tickets and approach local businesses about promoting your event with posters, flyers, etc. You can also sell tickets online through your website and various social media sites like Facebook. For larger events, use a service such as EventBrite that can handle ticket sales,, online donations, broadcast emails, etc.
  2. Raffles – One way to charge a little more upfront for your event is to include a cash raffle within the ticket price. A cash raffle obviously supplies its own prize money with your group keeping 50% of the extra revenue. Or, you can justify a higher ticket price by including a drawing for some good door prizes.You can also do a separate raffle for some quality prizes and sell raffle tickets separately. That works well for raising funds from  people who can’t make the event or that want a chance to win a good prize. You can read more here about doing fundraising raffles.
  3. Silent Auction – Silent auctions are the bread & butter of any fundraising event. You do have to put a lot of effort into gathering up silent auction items to raise funds with, but its well worth the effort. Work with your group members and local merchants to put together some attractive auction items. Here is a list of 500 silent auction basket ideas and some valuable silent auction tips. There are also companies that provide some high-end silent auction items such as hot air balloon rides with no upfront cost.
  4. Live Auction – A well-done live auction will raise more money for selected items than a silent auction will. However, you do need a good number of active bidders to get the most out of doing a live auction. If your luau fundraiser has enough attendees to justify doing a live auction, then reserve most of your high-end items for competitive bidding. And if you’re doing a live auction, don’t forget to do an impact auction because all that revenue goes straight to your bottom line.
  5. Tastings – Another great way to raise money at any charity event fundraiser is to offer selected tastings of delicious foods or exotic drinks. Think beer tastings, wine tastings, whiskey tastings, margarita tastings, gourmet food tastings, and anything else that can interest foodies or connoisseurs into paying for a taste of something special.
  6. Food & Drink Sales – Don’t be afraid to charge for food & drinks at your event, unless its specifically part of the admission price. There’s a reason why many events have cash bars and that’s because there’s a lot of money in doing so. Plus, by charging for access to certain food stations and custom drinks, you cater to what people want without having to absorb the associated costs.
  7. Donations – Always provide a way for people to make direct donations to your cause. After all, its a fundraiser! And, if you don’t ask, chances are you won’t receive.

Some events lend themselves to other additional fundraising activities like fun photo booths, lessons, contests, team competitions, etc. A good rule of thumb is to always include as many fun activities as possible and make as many of them mini-fundraisers as possible.

For larger events, you can also seek corporate sponsorships. Some groups shy away from seeking sponsors, but that’s where the real money is in fundraising events. If you want some detailed advice on how to go about it, read this article on how to get corporate sponsorships.

Good luck with your fundraising efforts and be sure to have a blast with your luau fundraiser!