Little League Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas For Youth Baseball

Little League Fundraiser – A sports-related fund raiser for Little League can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Baseball is all about love of the outdoors, so when you are trying to think of a fundraising idea use that to your advantage.

A Little League fund raiser that always works is an event that is scheduled around the time when participant’s families congregate. Picture day, championship game day, or even team tryouts is a great time to host your event.

Little League fund raising should center on the child, the team, and their families. What do kids like that could raise much needed funds for championship game travel, new uniforms or equipment, or general team expenses? Yes, food and games!

Set up a hot dog stand, sell donated baked goods, drinks, and other food that would appeal to the crowd. Rent inflatable fun houses for your Little League fund raiser so that players and siblings can bounce, tumble, and roll in the fun. Most local party supply outlets rent this type of equipment. It will make a profit, but the point is to draw the crowd.

To further boost your Little League fund raising efforts, offer players and guests the chance to clock their throwing speed with a radar gun.

If you don’t have a batting cage available, set up a safe area with a backdrop with a strike zone on it and charge a dollar or two per 2 throws. Between all the players, neighborhood kids, siblings, and parents, you’ll always have a line at this type of activity.

Little League fund raising ideas are as endless as your imagination. Ask parents to host their own fun activity table. Face painting, hand-made items with the team colors, or even a raffle table work well.

Keep it simple so that everyone has a good time while raising money for their favorite little star. The money you raise could help ease the financial burden when the team makes it to the playoffs!

Fun is what it’s all about when planning your Little League fundraiser.