Lip Sync Fundraiser

Putting together a lip sync fundraiser for your school is easy and fun. All you need is a good sound system, an auditorium to use, and people willing to have a good time for a good cause.

Fun School Fundraiser

The premise is simple – participants mime the vocals of popular music while performing onstage in front of an appreciative audience. The fun comes from seeing just how wild people are willing to be to impress the crowd or win a prize.

The great thing about a lip sync fundraiser is that you don’t actually need any real talent, just a desire to perform. Performers can be students, faculty, staff, parents or local celebrities.

You can divide performers into categories such as grade level, solo performers, groups, rappers, faculty, etc. Offer prizes in every category to encourage as many people as possible to get up on stage and perform. Make sure your prizes encourage creative costumes because the crowd is there to enjoy a show.

Keep everything in the spirit of having fun by providing an emcee to introduce each act with a little comic banter. After each act, the emcee can encourage the audience to applaud their favorite performances.

Fundraising Tips
There are lots of ways to raise funds with this program. You can charge a reasonable admission fee to attend. You can also charge a flat rate fee per performer or group act to take the stage.

Or, you can task performers with raising a certain amount of funds to be able to perform. Just don’t make that number too large or you’ll discourage participation.

You can take photos and shoot video lips of the acts. Depending on the performances, you can sell copies to the performers or they can pay to have them never seen again.

Another way to raise funds is to have the audience fund their votes. You can use numbered raffle tickets to make it simple. Give one ticket with each paid admission and offer extra voting tickets for a modest fee. That way, most students will buy extra tickets to cast additional votes for their favorites.

Additional Ways To Raise Funds
As with any other fundraising event that draws a crowd, you can also do other things to raise funds. An obvious one is selling food and drinks because students will definitely work up a thirst cheering their favorite performers.

You can also offer the usual school spirit items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, megaphones, and other noise makers at a sales table near the door. Encourage the crowd to make as much noise as possible when cheering on their favorites.

A lip sync contest is an easy school fundraiser that’s fun for both the audience and the performers. It’s similar to a talent show without actually requiring talent, so even more students can get in on the fun.

It’s a fun way to raise funds for your school while building a strong sense of community. They’re great for those cold winter months when students need a safe outlet for all their energy.

Put one together for your school and have a great time raising funds with your own lip sync fundraiser!