Karaoke Fundraiser

Tired of the same old- same old when it comes to fundraising? Why not consider a karaoke fundraiser, that is, host a Karaoke Night for your next fundraiser.

A “No Talent” Show Raises Funds Fast

This type of fund raiser works great for many types of groups that need to raise funds. Church youth groups have found this method of fundraising very effective. It also works well for cheerleading fundraisers and middle schools.

All you need is a karaoke machine (inexpensive models are available and you can also rent them), a hall or gymnasium to host the event, and a passionate crowd of would-be American Idols.

Be sure to consider certain aspects of your group before you commit to hosting Karaoke Night. Younger kids love it and so do high school and college age kids. The “tween-age” set, about 11 through 15 or so, is a very self conscious age, and gaining enough participants in this age group might prove difficult depending on the forum.

Karaoke fundraisers works great as an “add-on”, or what I call an overlay. That is, add karaoke to your fundraising events like the fall festival, spring carnival, or family fun night.

More Fundraising Tips

Make it even more fun and profitable by asking the audience to donate money to hear the principal sing. The school cheerleaders as a group can draw a huge amount of money. What student wouldn’t donate their allowance to hear the whole squad sing “Hollaback Girl?”

Pass the hat around the crowd to get donations for the basketball team to sing “We Are the Champions.” Be creative and remember that you don’t have to be able to carry a tune to please the crowd with karaoke.

Ask around and find a parent or teacher that has the equipment to digitally record the entire performance. Sell the DVD for even more profits toward your cause.

Karaoke Fundraiser Prizes

Don’t for get to inspire and reward your performers. Ask local businesses to donate prizes for best performance, funniest performance, and so on.

Prizes can range from the extravagant like an iPod nano, to a $5 gift certificate to the local ice cream parlor. Even simple printed awards for best group performance can be an inspiration.

Get teachers, ministers, coaches, and administrators involved. If you are raising funds for kids, nothing breaks the ice like having a group of teacher sing off key! The kids will be bound to join in the fun.